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Guess it's time for another build


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I knew I shouldn't have been browsing around the site..... Well, I've decided to hold on to my Noveske's and proceed with building another AR while trying to restore my Dad's 71 cuda. Money will be be tight between the two projects but I hope to have them both done in a timely manner. I'll try and use this thread to document both builds.




Upper: Mega MKM extended rifle length

Barrel: 6.5 Creedmoor 20" Proof Research 

BCG: JP low mass carrier

Gas block: SLR rilfeworks DA7 adjustable

Charge Handle: Raptor ambi CH

Brake: Surefire SFMB-762

Sights: Troy folding


Lowers: Mega MKM

LPK: Armalite

Trigger: Geissele national match

Buffer tube: Armalite rifle length

Buffer: Armalite rifle length

Buffer Spring: JP polished & tuned spring

Grip: Magpul MIAD

Stock: Magpul PRS w/ extended butt-pad

Selector: BADASS ambi



Bi-pod: Atlas

Scope Mount: Bobro

Scope: Trijicon TARS




And for the car:


It's a 1971 383 cuda that's originally Vitamin C orange with a 727 torqueflite transmission. The original motor is on a stand in the garage as well as a 392 hemi. I'm not sure what motor is in the car right now but definitely not going to keep it in there. I'm looking to restore the car to be a sunday cruiser and not a trailer queen with roughly 600hp to the wheels. So the restoration is not going to be a rotisserie resto but I do plan on replacing, rebuilding, cleaning, blasting, and powdercoating just about everything. I'm hoping some of you guys can help me decide on which motor to throw put into the car. I can throw in the 383 and get the original drivetrain back together or throw in the 392 hemi just because.

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What the hell might you know about a 392 hemi????....huh mr dude who chose 392heminut for a screen name?

I smell BS....

I'm pretty sure with enough of us we could throw a 392heminut into it. But I bet it would be tough.

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Feel free to share any info about the swap here. I plan to document both the car and AR build in this thread.


After you mentioned the swap you had done in your car I gave it some thought but that leaves me with these 2 motors. I can sell the 392 to help fund the project and buy the newer 392 hemi. Then I'd have to decide if I want to go EFI, carb'd, direct ignition packs, or distributor.

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That 727 is a great trans, man.  If it's on good shape, and you don't plan to do anything to it, at least pick up a TransGo Stage 2 kit for the valvebody, and mod that thing.  Makes a WORLD of difference.


My 46RE is derived from the 727, and I did that kit.  You get the option to build it mild to wild, and I went a little bit more than halfway with it.  Converted it to full manual control, too.  Best thing I ever did to that trans, besides add a pretty big cooler for it.  <thumbsup>

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There's a few companies that I've narrowed down to do the body restoration:


US Car tool

Empire Mopars

Hodge Restoration

Jeff Lilly


Does anyone have any other recommendations? Trying to stay away from Cali as their costs tend to be higher than other states. I know they have more builders than any other state but I can get more for less from other places.

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Gen 1 hemi in a '71 cuda?  :puke:   No no no no no!!!


Also, neither engine will meet your 600hp weekend cruiser goal without some sort of serious power adder.  If you're serious about wanting our input, give us a budget to work with and are you married to those 2 engine blocks?

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Total budget I'm trying to stay under $20k and would like to finish it this year but of course both of those figures mean nothing when restoring a car.


I think I am gonna stay with the 383. My goal of 600hp was with some form of forced induction but after more thought I really just want a dependable Sunday cruiser and not a weekend drag car.

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Street-able 600hp out of a little 383 is a tall order, and at that level the block is marginal.  You're going to spend some $$cash$$ if that is the number you're shooting for. 


Take a look at this:  http://www.moparmusclemagazine.com/techarticles/mopp_0605_mopar_performance_383_stroker_engine/


and part 2:  http://www.moparmusclemagazine.com/techarticles/mopp_0608_mopar_performance_383_stroker_engine/


...and incase you want to skip to the foot notes.  They hit the 600hp mark on a 383 and it ended like this: 


Feeling encouraged, we swapped on a larger carb and got ready to make some serious power. But the third pull of the day ended quickly when a serious stream of smoke started to come out of the valve covers. A quick teardown revealed a split cylinder wall in the number six hole, so our day was over.

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PAW in Chatsworth, CA still has complete engine rebuild kits for a moderate price.Get one of their catologs. .

Mike, I think you've been out of the loop a while. PAW hasn't done catalog sales for a couple of years and is only selling parts on Ebay. Currently they don't even have anything listed for B/RB engines.

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$20k is for the entire restoration. I have no plans for a frame off or rotisserie build at this moment and I can do a lot of the disassembly and reassembly myself.

That $20k amount is not set in stone and can quickly change once I get the car in my possession. I really need to assess the quality of the body work and paint job  that was done a few years ago to see determine how much I will have to spend towards the motor.

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