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Pic of my Super SASS


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Maybe thats what I am doing wrong by not linking it. I am sure its operator error, but when i try to clock on link ect. then come to here and do it, it wont paste. 

Brother, host that thing up to photobucket, imageshack, whatever.  Copy the direct link to the image, then follow these steps below:


1. click the "add pic" button.

2. past the URL in the box.

3. click okay.


That should get it in here.  Check the attached pics below for detail...




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Tom you are THE MAN :hethan: .        


Ok Specs Armalite AR-10 

Nightforce 3 - 15 X 50 NXS

AADland 1 piece with buble level

Spikes Tactical winter trigger guard

SSA trigger /  KNS anti-rotation pins

ERGO grip

MDT Recoil Pad - aftermarket direct fit recoil pad for PRS

GG&G Bi-Pod Adapter

Harris Bipod with Phoneix Tactical Feet and Pod Claws

Thread Protector until I figure out if I am going to put a can on it.

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Very nice brother Zebra....I had a 1 drop camera and it was just that...so I got a 3 drop camera took some pics of my post and couldn't upload said file was to big.Went round and round with the confuser :ugone2far: ..finnally saw the camera had a selection for pics w/e-mail,attachments and used that. <dontknow>

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No sad to say I have not done a range report on her yet. I dont start gouping until about 300 rnds down the tube I'm allmost there. I know from just shooting CBC at 100 yds its under 1 moa I bet shes every bit a .5 MOA gun with FGMM though. As far as the Nightforce, Its awesome I can use that scope as a carry handle if  I wanted. Itsvery clear, thier customer service will take care of any issues the Lit reticle is nice. The cross hairs are more fine than other scopes. The scopes are modular so if I bend the bell it can be replaced at the factory and back to me in a few weeks. I will not buy anything but NF for a scoped rifle. 

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