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Becoming leo


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Depends on jurisdiction. Most require an associates degree which is a 60 credit degree, but it can't be 60 "loose" credits. You can sneak your way in often around that by applying to be a corrections facility guard, which usually doesn't require it, but you can still transfer to an officer in some places after a year.

its a better deal for someone younger (not sure how old you are) as the starting pay sucks and the real benefits of doing it largely come after many years of service. Well, plus given how some of the cities and states are doing, the whole idea of staying 20 years to retire on a nice pension may not actually work out for you.

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If you're just looking for a 'job' and not looking at law enforcement as a way to try and make a difference then I suggest you look at some other line of work. I'm not trying to piss in your Cheerios or anything, but the badge is a sacred trust as far as I'm concerned and there's already too many people out there who just put it on for a paycheck! If you are one of us who feel that it's more of a 'calling' than a job then go for it and good luck in the path you're choosing!


BTW, your brother was partially right. If you want a job where everyone likes you become a fireman! <thumbsup>

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The brotherhood of LEO is not for everyone. We don't sign up to get rich. There's no giant house with a garage full of fancy cars. There's no weekends in exotic lands...

There is comfort. There is never having to worry where your next meal will come from, how healthy you're loved ones will be or how you will take care of yourself after you finish your career.

For 99.9% of the population, a bad day at work consists of bad paper work maybe a shitty customer. For us, someone dies... and god forbid it's one of us.

We absolutely do take care of eeachother. The blue line is there for a reason. There is a definite separation between us and them. State and federal laws aside, we have our own unspoken laws that we abide by and live by.

Your word, your honesty, is the one thing you can never regain. Like your virginity, fucked once... fucked forever.

I dropped out of college at 23 and decided to travel around the world. I needed that "life experience". Maybe not the best choice, but it fit me at the time.

SWAT, K9, Motors, EOD, Helo, S&R, none of those will ever happen if you can't push a car. Unless you're coming out of a successful career as a SF soldier, you shouldn't expect to join an elite special group within your first 5 years, maybe 10.

Our job sucks the majority of the time. We see the absolute lowest parts of life and society. Shiit that other people refuse to admit exists, drips from our boots. Yet for some reason we get a morbid sense of satisfaction in what we do.

If you choose this career, you will have to fight for your life. You will get hurt. You will hurt someone else, maybe a lot of people. You will see death and experience a side of life not normally discussed. You will have to do alol of it and not let it affect you. You have to deal with all of that and still maintain a healthy home life to raise a family and build your future. If you cant, there was no point in going through all the shiiit

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Or be a firefighter. . Have bbqs everyday, workout everyday, play Xbox all day, get paid "hazard pay", take all the credit... retire out on injury young and milk the system while you pull a second check from your side business.

Don't get me started on the chemical dependencies and domestic violence that follow closely as well.

Or you could be one of the "good ones" and likely get some nasty form of cancer.

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      I have been a LEO for 9 years, and have been a SWAT guy for 5 years. I am currently recovering from my second othopedic surgery becasue of SWAT one shoulder and now my knee. I am also a Field Training Officer ( FTO ) meaning when you graduate the academy and come to the PD, your a$$ is mine. Its my responsibiity to make sure you can do that job. Tha means knowing the law, making sure you wont freeze up in a fight that your not unsafe, you wont get sued, killed or hurt or do something stupid. These are just a few of the things and Isay it this way not to be a dick but for you to see its serious. Police, Fire, Nurses, Doctors, Preachers and Military have high alcohol abuse and divorce rates, not everyone is that way, but only you know yourself and your levle of coping mechanisims as well as physological stability. Roobcop said alot and I will say this. A story I tell new rookies or people that ride along and are placed with me, 


      One day the President of a Rail Road Company was giving a speech. When he finished the speech he saw a worker he knew and took the man to lunch. When lunch was over the president dropped the man off at the yard and waived good bye. The mans co-workers saw this and asked how he knew the president. The  man repiled 20 years ago we stood in line together to get a job here, I came here for the money, he came here for the job.


There are days I am glad I have the memories I do and others that images, smells and situations will follow me to my grave. This job is not for the faint of heart and no gaurentee that when you leave after kissing your wife that you will come home. I have an answer to the question I am asking but what difference can one man make? 

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    I have an answer to the question I am asking but what difference can one man make? 

I always had people ask me that same question when I was in the Army - "You act like you can change the whole Army by the way you do and say things - why do you think you can change it by yourself?..."


My answer was simple - we move around alot.  I don't need to change the whole Army at once.  I just need to change one or two good people, good Soldiers, in the assignment that I'm in right then.  And I'll move.  Change one or two more - make a difference for them.  Teach them what's right, when to do what, how to accept responsibility for their actions and the actions of their own Soldiers...


...and move again...


Before you know it, 10 years down the road, I've affected and changed maybe 20~30 Soldiers.  by that time, they're getting up there in rank, and maybe they remember some of the lessons I taught them, and lead the way they're supposed to.  Maybe they're affecting or changing one or two MORE Soldiers at every duty assignment... and those one or two gain some rank...


In the course of 5 years, I could have changed a dozen people, made them good - or great - leaders.  In the course of 10 years, that "trickle-down" effect on that might equate to 3 dozen Soldiers.


After 20 years, it might have been something like 12 dozen...  Who knows?


I know I saved the good ones, got rid of the bad ones, and did the very best I could with what I had.  I live that way to this day, and change what I can.


"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."


The "courage" and "wisdom" parts of that phrase is paramount.  <thumbsup>

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Tom hit the nail on the head, as always lol your pretty much on it to


A man can make a difference to those who want and need the positive role model one person at a time. You cant save them all but it matters to the ones you do. As a policeman thats what we should be, positive role modles. People rely and trust us with thier safety and thier families safety.  Again I am not trying to be an a$$ just give you food for thought and make you do some hard thinking. You are talking about a job that can get your hurt, killed and / or sued. I was already a cop when I met my wife so she was warned that she was marrying a job as well. Is your wife and child ready for you to work the holidays and OT and court ect. and not be able be homme on time all the time? 

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If this is what you want to do in your heart of hearts hay go for it and make us proud. I am in Ohio so I cant help too much expect for answering some questions and trust me East coast policing and being in the 12 District of the Supreme Court is ALOT different than you California guys. ROBOCOP is a hell of a guy and would be able to answer more questions about where you are. Whatever you decide good luck and let us know. Godspeed

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Your not pissing on my Cheerios, I'd want to become a Leo to try and make a diffrence . I feel im a bit on the shorter side to be a fireman but not sure might look into that.

To "make a difference" become a fireman, trust me. Being a smaller fireman is actually an advantage.


Competition here in WI for LE jobs is tight: several agencies laid off deputies with years of experience, and those folks are getting first swing at openings, w/o street experience the next hired are MIL as they get the extra 15 hiring points in ratings, next are the 4 year degree folks who are state certified.


You have a great retirement system out west though. If you are former MIL with a 4 year CJ/SCI degree, you're pretty much a shoo-in... 

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