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Hi from Louisiana


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Hello everyone,


Been doing a lot of reading as I have never shot an AR but I want to start hunting deer and hogs. I've only hunted wood ducks in a swamp with a shotgun. I'm so excited about hog and deer hunting, I've been looking for places to hunt in Texas and Mississippi .  I've settled on an AR in 308 caliber over the 6.8 due to ammo availability. I don't reload right now but may in the future.  I plan to buy a complete rifle for hunting short range 0-200 yrds. In the swamp you seldom get a 60 yrd shot. But I'm sure that will change when I shoot some Texas hogs and Mississippi deer.


Right now I've narrowed down my selection between the new G2 Recon and Hunter rifles. Waiting for Cabelas and BassPro to get them in so that I can handled them. I did contact DPMS and they said that the Recon has a med upper and that the Hunter comes with a light weight upper. Not sure if that makes a difference..


The Recon weighs 8.5lbs(16"med) and the Hunter 7.76lbs (20"barrel light), the Recon does come with iron sites which may work for stalking hogs and may be a plus in case some hogs decide to come at me while I'm hunting them, don't know cause I've never hunted hogs before.  Just thought I could remove the scope for that type of hunting.


The Hunter doesn't have iron sites, would have to wait for someone to make a 15" hand guard then get some backup sites to have that option.


Any advice ?




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Welcome from FL. The thing you'd lose on the hunter by putting a 15" free float and iron sights is that weight savings you're starting with, leaving no real advantage to buying the hunter in the first place.

Unless your heart is totally set on the G2 though, it might be better to look at the other options just because that weapon system is so new there will be very limited 3rd party anything for it, and there may be issues with it that aren't apparent so far.

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Thanks guys, just waiting for Cabelas or BassPro to get them in so that I can handled them.  Emailed dpms and they said both have the same felt recoil but the major difference is the recon is 308/7.62 and the hunter is only 308.  I will just be hunting with this rifle so I'll wait to decide on which. I use to 28" shotgun but I'm sure either would be fine.


Can't wait to get either one, thinking of also doing some night time hog hunting in the basin. (Breaux Bridge side).  Was looking at these 2 scopes: Nikon M 308 4-16x42  or the Leopold VX-2 3-9x50  .


Sure either would be fine for deer hunting but what do you hog hunt with ?   iron sites ??

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Don't know what distance to hunt hogs, never been hunting them. Plan on going w/ friends to some places in Texas to hunt hogs. I just don't know but with deer I'd think anywhere from 20 to 100 yards.   Hogs , hmm at a lost.  One place is supposed to be between Houston and San Antonio .  Would like to do some type of "Stalking" which I'd think you'd have to be very quick , in case the hogs come at you.  If I'd have to guess , I'd say 20 to 100yrds...



thanks everyone for the advice.

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