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Magpul MOE Handguard won't fit


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OK, so I am building my first AR and I chose to build it in .308.  I want something with more punch for Texas hogs.  I have the lower built, the barrel and gas block are on the upper.  This is a mid-length gas system.  I go to install the Magpul MOE handguard and it is 1/4" too long.  I followed the instructions for tightening the barrel nut.  Torqued to 30 ftlbs. and backed it off 3 times before I tightened it up and lined up the gas tube.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out what is off by that much.  Here is the list of parts on the upper:


DPMS Complete upper receiver

CMMG bolt carrier group

JP railed adjustable gas block and gas tube

Mega Arms 18" .308 barrel mid-length gas (purchased from Rainier Arms)

Barrel nut and Delta Ring Assembly (purchased from Rainier Arms)

Triangular end cap (fits the Magpul MOE when not on the rifle)

Magpul MOE mid-length handguard


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the ideas.  I looked at moving the gas block but there is no play in it.  A couple of thousandths, and it will be misaligned.  I guess I am going to have to take a dremel to it and see if I can make it fit.  The mid-length gas tube fit just fine so it surprises me that the handguard is that far off.  I'll get started on it tonight.

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Here's an update, after 3 hours of tweaking and fitting, i still couldn't get it to fit.  Found out today from Rainier Arms that it won't fit at all.  Trying to figure our plan B.  Any ideas on a lightweight handguard that I can use with my railed JP gas block and get in DFE or tan?

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Ok, since the Magpul MOE would not fit (couldn't get any pics that really showed the problem).  I went with Plan B.  An APEX 15" Free Float Handguard.  I think it turned out great.  








I'm thinking that I will have to paint or Cerokote the handguard FDE to match the stock and the grip.


Here's the final list of parts


Stripped Lower - Shadow Ops Weaponry

Lower Parts Kit - CMMG

Butt Stock - Magpul CTR

Buffer - JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring

Grip - ERGO

Upper Receiver - DPMS


Barrel - Mega 18" 1:10

Gas Block - JP Enterprises Adjustable

Free Float Tube - APEX 2360

Compensator - Miculek




Thanks to everyone who helped on this thread and all the others that I read but didn't post.


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Definitely planning on continuing with the FDE theme.


FDE will take over the world. I've been preaching that for several years now, but these bastards don't wanna listen.  I'm glad that you see the light.  <thumbsup> <laughs>

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Robocop, that may be true for most of the world, but I hunt in West Texas and the only things there that are OD are cactus and cedar trees. Everything else is closer to FDE.

Finally got to the range today. After getting the gas block adjusted, this thing shoots sweet. Can't wait to get a pig in the sights.

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