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Pro Ears suck!


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A few years back I got a set of the Pro Ears electronic ear muffs to use in USPSA competition and general range use. After a couple of years (long enough for the warranty to be expired) one side quit working. I sent them back to Pro Ears to be repaired and a lady from Customer Service called me and told me both circuit boards would have to be replaced and the cost was almost as much as the original cost of the ear muffs! WTF!!! I told her there was nothing wrong with the one side when I sent them back, and if this was how they wanted to treat their customers to just send the muffs back to me. About 15 minutes after that conversation the lady called me back and said she had been authorized to give me a $100 discount on a new pair of muffs of my choice. I went ahead and got a set of Predator Golds, which were a lower grade than my original muffs, because even with the discount I couldn't afford to get the top of the line muffs like the first ones I had gotten at that time. Now, a couple of years later, again after the warranty has expired, one side has quit working! There's no way in hell I'm going to spend another dime with this company! There are a lot better options out there for less money nowadays. Now I know why I don't see that many Pro Ears products at the USPSA matches any more!

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My shooting buddy has a pair of Peltor electronic muffs he got several years ago from LaRue Tactical for $100 that are still going strong and he really likes them. I think that's what I'm going to replace the Pro Ears with. They also use AA batteries instead of the stupid N batteries that Pro Ears uses. These are the ones;



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I got these Howard Leight ones, about 1/2 the price of the Peltors. Works well but I can't get used to cupped earmuffs (any brand - they all interfere with my cheek weld) since I trained using 3M/AO rubber earplugs.



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Yeah I wouldn't go back after that kind of experience either.  


Kind off off topic but I wear a pair of these C3 custom earplugs/earphones when working around heavy machinery at work,  Then take them home on the weekends to wear while shooting and or cutting grass etc. The wires plug in and out so you can just wear them as plugs, or plug I'm into your iPod and listen to music. Ive worn them for over 12 hrs straight with no discomfort at all. Definitely expensive but custom made in the USA  for your ears. I never knew they existed. Sound quality is unbelieveable when listening to music.  Ive had mine for about 5yrs now with absolutely no problems and I wear them everyday. Again price is crazy but if you wear them everyday and have the dual need for strictly plugs/earphones then you should check em out.

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I've worn custom IEM's as ear plugs for the past seven years. I use'em daily in my lab. They do a good job of blocking out noise (20-25dBA) and are comfortable. I've worn mine in for more than 13hrs straight before. If you don't want to spring for the Sleek Audio ones there are a host of other cheaper ones out there.

For shooting I use Sordins or Howard Leights.

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Since I used these today for the first time, I'll throw it out here.  These things are AWESOME.  Went shooting today with my wife and sons.  Total long-gun day with the M4 and a few ARs including my 10er.  


I have NEVER finished shooting without having my ears doing at least a LITTLE ringing cuz I tend to be a little sloppy with my "ear muff techniques" so I had picked up a set of "Surefire EP4 Sonic Defender" ear plugs and was REALLY impressed.  They fit into my ears well and have a bit of an "ear gear" thing with them that just seemed to work extremely well.  We have muzzle devices on 2 of our ARs and I stood right beside my 8 year old when he was shooting my wife's today and nothing.  Not a single db made it through that got me ringing.


They were like 12 or 13 bucks on Amazon and I am totally sold on these things.  I have like 8 different sets of ear muffs and even though i am going badly deaf already, I STILL ring like a bell every time I leave the range since nothing ever worked right for me until now.


These things are gold and I'm going to be buying more for my wife and boys this week because since I KNOW they work first-hand, I want them to wear them as well for the best protection I can get for them.


I've used the foam plugs and all kinds of stuff over the years and this is the very first time I've ever been so impressed.


Just my thoughts on this stuff guys.  Today I stepped into a better shooting life...

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