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So I have a serious problem


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^^^^^ Don't know about where you are, but here you'd still be firing just to keep the mosquitoes at bay. :auto: They eat Night Ninjas.

Yea here too!!!

Glad I can write my almost weekly range trips off as "business expenses" as part of our R&D. :D

F'n rub it in why don't you !!!

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Shoot Fire fuzzy, I ain't got but 'bout 65 acres an ain't got no neighbors closern 'bout haf a mile, so ifn its nice I meander down to the hunnert yard shootin bench an ifn its a rainin' I jist sets on the porch an shoots out across the pasture. Maw gits a bit peevish ifn I don't warn her but she gits over it.  Tree lines 'bout 250 yards and ain't nobody lives out that direction for nigh onta 10 miles. Got plenny uv deer an coyote targets runnin cross the field (but theys bin gittin a mite skittish heer lately).  Heer a while back I set up wun a them bullet speed measurin thangys out yonder bout a hunert yards but I recon that bullet wuzzent where it wuz spose ta be cause now I ain't got no bullet speed measurin thangy no more.  Y'all want sum parts?


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I say let's all head for Tennessee (even though my 1st ex lives there).

Draco, we'll need your address.

I'm also partial to Coors Light.

I'm in :) 5 hours to Nashville

My plan is to build a [ shaped concrete back stop with some fill in it.

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