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Next build up...FN SPR A1a


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You may have seen my SR-25 build, but now that it is done i've got the urge for a bolt gun. After looking at what I wanted I went with an FN SPR A1a. 20" Hammer forged chrome lined Fluted barrel, McMillan Stock, 20MOA rail.


Ordered that and my scope. Wanted to keep it under a grand so I went with a Vortex 6-24x50 FFP. Bipod and rings are next.


Any idea what rings I should go with?


Not my rifle, but what I am getting. Looking forward to seeing what it can do.



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Went with badger ordnance rings on my knock off FN SPR. Can't remember which height, but 88.5 is stuck in my head for some reason. Just the regular set (two screws) not the Max ones (3 screws). Seems to hold on well.


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Whatever you do, just remember - some rifles are well supported, over others.  Some rifles have alot more out there that you can do to them.  Some rifles come with everything you need already on them.


Ron is going to be in here sometime soon, and I predict he's gonna tell you, "MRAD OR SIT ON THE PORCH!  YOU GONNA TALK ABOUT IT, OR BE ABOUT IT?!"  <lmao>

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I'm not mentioning the 4-letter M word. Im torn because the 700 would make a good development platform for aftermarket parts then again that market has been established. The SSG 3000 has a good following in Europe (i.e. Sauer 200 STR) and due to the recently reduced price, there may be promise developing stupid toys for it too if it does catch on....

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Well I was able to hit the range today to sight in the rifle and test out the setup.


The factory paperwork with the rifle shows that 15 rounds were fired, 1 Black Hills 308 and 14 FGMM 168gr.


The factory test target shows 3 rounds fired with a .65" group. Not bad.


Got on paper at 50 yards and then put it at 100 yards. Shot a few groups to confirm zero and then shot a few to see what I could do. All are 5 round groups. I was able to get out to 210 yards towards the end, but it was down pouring so I just shot a few groups before I got the one below. I figured 5 rounds is more of a test to see what it can do than 3 rounds. I am very happy with the rifle and the scope at this point! Rifle performed wonderfully as did the scope. The fact that i'm shooting tighter groups with more rounds than the factory accuracy showed makes me happy.


I mislabeled the following photos. Ammo used on the two Dirty Bird 100 yard targets was Remington 168gr Premier Match. The 210 yard target is correct with 168gr FGMM. I think FGMM at 100 yards would perform even better than the Remington, but I'm very happy with the Remingtons performance in this gun.









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