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  1. Do you have any issues with the 25 rounders fitting in standard 7.62 NATO mag pouches? I am trying to figure out which mag pouches they work with.
  2. AeroPrecision only makes AR15 Lowers from what i saw. These are 308 AR, DPMS Style Lowers.
  3. Sorry it took so long to get around to posting pics
  4. Just got it in the mail. Looks pretty good. a few machining marks to polish out on the exterior. Matches up nicely to my DPMS upper. Can't wait to start working on finishing it. Will upload pics later when I get some free time
  5. Saw this price and thought I should share. http://aresarmor.com/store/Item/TACMHDM8
  6. This isn't good for any body. The company seeking to buy is a developer for "smart gun" technology. Here is some excerpts from the page announcing their system, GDSI Gatekeeper. They're wanting to build a system using RFID and/or GPS to electronically lock and monitor firearms over the internet. It is to be advertised to both Military and Civilians alike. GDSI Gatekeeper, which combines advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology with web-based wireless capabilities, will provide commercial and military customers with three essential safety and security benefits: • Encrypted, password-protected, digital, trigger-locking capability; • Secure, real-time online tracking; and • Encrypted, cloud-enabled databases. “We’re extremely excited about the potential for GDSI Gatekeeper,” said GDSI’s President and CEO Richard J. Sullivan. “This revolutionary suite of services represents a real breakthrough by leveraging the power of web-based, digital technology to enhance safety and security in the small arms arena, both in the commercial and military sectors. We think of it as personalized gun control and we believe the accessible worldwide market represents a multibillion dollar opportunity for GDSI.” ... According to recent reports from the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), an annual average of nearly 3.5 million firearms were manufactured in the United States over the past eight years. GDSI Gatekeeper’s encrypted digital locking device could be easily retrofitted into existing firearms or it could be included in the manufacturing process itself. ... “Here in the United States, the right of the people to keep and bear arms is constitutionally protected and inviolable,” Sullivan added. “The Gatekeeper program will provide additional safety and security for law- abiding gun owners in the United States and elsewhere. We believe Gatekeeper’s secure locking and tracking features could encourage millions of people who might have shied away from keeping firearms in their homes because of safety concerns to reconsider. And collectors would be able use make use of Gatekeeper’s tracking and database features to exercise greater control over their prized firearms collections.” Here is the full article: http://www.gdsi.co/page55.html Also, the goal of the company is to start consolidating as many American gun companies into their control as possible. Freedom Group is just the 1st step in this. My Concerns: Since the system operates wirelessly and online, it is open to hacking. Likewise, it is also open to snooping (NSA) Such system will quickly be ordered mandatory by gun grabbers, meaning the government could not only track your guns, but remotely disable them BEFORE they come to confiscate them. (no more "cold dead hands" line) I have many others, but that should be enough to scare all of you into realizing this is bad.
  7. Ordered a gieselle SSA-E last night for the build im slowly parting together!
  8. What's the REF for Tannerite?
  9. Did anyone figure out the price yet for preorder? This seems like an awesome product.
  10. In the Marines i like to keep the front of my plate carrier mostly slick, found it easier to move around that way. I had a blackhawk padded patrol belt that has molle loops on it. I kept my mag pouches, dump pouch and IFAK on the belt and just had a couple of grenade pouches on the vest where i kept tape, earpro, camera, etc. with the mags mounted low on the side of my belt i found it easier to get in and out of vehicles and far easier to get prone and reload in that position. and the IFAK on the belt kept it out of the way but easy to get to if i needed it. just turn the belt to where i could reach it. Also kept that stuff handy if i had to drop the vest for whetever reason. Used a Specter 3pt sling with a buttstock mag pouch integrated into, and had a hydration carrier pouch on the back of my plate carrier, this let me just drop my camelback into the pouch so i could take it out easily to refill or use when i wasnt wearing my plate carrier..
  11. ...sitting im my freshman Speech/Debate class waiting for class to start. Teacher came in late and announced that a plane had crashed into the WTC. She then went and wheeled a tv into the room for us to watch the news about it on. Shortly after that we saw the 2nd plane hit the other Tower. That day we just watched the news in every class. Even though I was in TN, some of the other students had family in NY and were worried about them. That day played a big part in my determination to join the Marines. During part of the graduation ceremony 4 yrs later they had everyone who was planning on joining the military stand and be applauded by everyone and acknowledged the courage to join knowing we were at war and joining at the time almost guaranteed a deployment.
  12. Picked up mine from the post office on Friday. Couldn't post about it til now since I was camping all weekend. The BCG looks GREAT!
  13. right now I just have my last 2 textbooks in the mail. But tomorrow my Shadow Ops 308 BCG should be in the mail too!
  14. Lebanon or Nashville locations would both be good for me!
  15. Here's a start: USMC marksmanship fundamentals video
  16. That's a good range, my family is from Tullahoma and my USMCR unit went there every year for MG training and Rifle Qual
  17. In athens TN on an internship at the moment but moving up to Mt Juliet and will be commuting to Cookeville for school this summer.
  18. HAHA, I was just coming to post the link to this too. I just ordered one for the first part of my first build! anyone have an 80% lower they are willing to part with to pair with my soon to arrive (hopefully) upper?
  19. You can't legally buy humvees directly from a US military sale. What you are seeing is probably either 1) humvees that were given to police or other gov dept besides the military then sold to the public, 2) a demilled humvee that was put back together (which greatly jacks up the price to put it back together), OR 3) a humvee imported from an allied country that uses them. The US military must demil humvees by cutting the frames and smashing the body panels. The only time I have found a sale from mil to the public was back in the late 90s when the Marines sold 3,000 or 4,000 non-demilled but shot up humvee frames at gov auction, but that was a special case. You can't just go to a mil surplus auction and buy an old humvee like you can the old 5 tons or 2 1/2 ton trucks. Also, all these MRAPS from Iraq and Afghan campaigns won't be available to the public. The humvee sale ban is supposedly due to Dept of Transportation saying they're not safe for sale to the public but won't give definitive reason why.
  20. Should be the same with the ground vehicles. There's no good reason surplus HMMWV's shouldn't be for sale to the general public. I can import a Russian APC for $30,000 but can't buy a old humvee!? DOT still won't give any definitive reason why they won't allow this.
  21. It's a very interesting pic, but its not really from the war. It is from a realistic diorama. Look close at the guy being carried and its pretty obvious that it is a small model. I'll try to find the link to the creator that I had seen a while back.
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