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  1. Well, I squeezed off another 60 today. I shot: One box (20) handloads a fellow gave me, one box (20) of Federal GMM 168's, and one box (20) of Hornady A-MAX 168's. My conclusion is that I will only be shooting prone from now on whenever I can, and that I will be buying only match ammo or handloading from now on. Pics will come shortly, but I must say that I was focusing hard to be aware of where my reticle was when the gun fired, and my rounds were landing EXACTLY @ the Point of Aim, every time. I will replicate today's ammo tests after I get my FFT installed, but I'm very pleased with how all the ammo I shot today performed.
  2. I've been doing all my shooting at a local 100-yard range, but I got a call just this evening from a fellow that wants to introduce me to his neighbor. Said neighbor owns a 100-yard range and wants to add a 200-yard berm, my buddy feels that this guy would be OK with me shooting on his property anyways, but if I offer to help him with the upkeep and new additions, permission to shoot any time (within reason) should be a sure thing. I've got my fingers crossed! 8)
  3. I did indeed, nice to have plenty of picatinny to mount to.... <thumbsup> <munch>
  4. I like that FFT, very imaginative! or is that just imaginary? <munch>
  5. Welcome sandblaster! Bring your questions on, we're glad to help in whatever way we can.
  6. *Sigh* Why do the guys in blue always get the good stuff? <dontknow>
  7. Wow, that is one short receiver... <laughs> <lmao>
  8. As long as your new barrel is to specification, I can't see any reason why you couldn't reuse your current barrel extension, unless you are going with an aftermarket bolt that isn't compatible with the RRA design. Is there anything wrong with your old barrel extension, wear, broken lug guides, malformed feed ramp, etc?
  9. I put the JP adjustable in mine and took out ALL of the take-up, from the time you put your finger on it you are going from squeeze to bang. Pull is a teensy bit over 3 lbs and it is PERFECT.
  10. When it comes to guns, we're like women: It's not about logic, it's about passion! LOL This could also explain why I need as many guns as my wife has pairs of shoes. <lmao> Welcome to the forums Dusty!!
  11. Thank you, it's there for contrast... Makes the rifle look even more wicked, if that's possible. <laughs> My wife does the decorating, guess I shoulda thought about it before taking the pics on the bed... <dontknow>
  12. Dagnabbit!!! There's no way I can sit here and look at precision scope mounts and shoot cheap ammo this weekend. Looks like I'm gonna have to order some more match ammo, and do pre and post FFT install ammo comparisons. This way I get to do more shooting ;D
  13. Aggh, darn it. :( Well, I'll pat myself on the back for the effort anyways... <laughs> Seriously, I am looking for a good quality AR-15 style lower if anyone knows where they can be gotten inexpensively.
  14. You could sell it to me!!! I'm looking for a lower on the cheap, I wanna build a 7.62x39 for plinking & ammo burning.
  15. I started a new thread and posted pics here so that we can keep track. I will edit my post to link back to these posts so everyone else can keep track.
  16. This will be a new thread regarding the changeout of my standard rifle-length DPMS FFT to the JP VTAC FFT. This discussion originally began here. Included are pictures of the stock FFT. Pictures of the changeout process and the end result will follow. The rifle as it is now: [img width=800 height=600]http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc158/jm_cross/img1270004187354.jpg [img width=800 height=600]http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc158/jm_cross/img1270004187787.jpg
  17. That's a huge relief. The rep I talked to from DPMS said that their Multi-Tool would work for everything except for FFT removal for everything from the 5.56 to the .308. I'm a little worried though, I'd like to see a diagram of the stock FFT disassembled or some pics or something.... It looks like getting the thing off isn't gonna be much fun.
  18. I'm not sure what the current barrel nut is, as the FFT has not come off yet. The wrench I purchased is for the barrel nut for my VTAC. What do I need to know about the stock FFT that came on my LR308? Does it have a proprietary barrel nut or anything?
  19. I ordered mine on the 21st, it's due to arrive on the 30th. Their turn-around times are OK as long as your item is in stock. If not, they're not going to tell you unless you call and ask about your order, but their customer service is good enough that you can get free hats and stuff out of your unfortunate wait. ;) :D Oh, I found a $15 and some change all told. Not bad, not bad at all.
  20. It is indeed cheaper, also out of stock ;) I ordered one, I figure I will be needing it for future modifications/builds, so it's a worthwhile investment. All I need now is an Armorer's Wrench and I'll be all set. Anyone looking to get rid of one?
  21. It's GORGEOUS!! <munch> ..... and I own one ;D ;D ;D I got my 2" picatinny today, once my claw comes in the VTAC is going on my favorite paper puncher.
  22. Amen to that!! It is worth EVERY PENNY too, I might add!
  23. Put a drop-in trigger in it is my recommendation. Having done it yourself and learning a thing or two from it is the best feeling in the world. It also means you can tell your buds, "Hey, I do MY OWN trigger work."
  24. Happy to have you Scott!! Welcome to the home for folks with AR addictions. ;)
  25. I'm pretty much gonna disregard all the results of the break-in, as it was just cheap crap that served more to break the gun in and get me some valuable range time breaking bad habits. I guess I'll hold onto the good stuff till my claw comes in and I get the tube on the gun. Maybe shoot some Walmart special ammo in the mean time....
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