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  1. I feel your pain man, I'm the same way. Could it be tapped out with a pin punch and little brass mallet?
  2. Well, your choice of lube is up to you, I run light stuff, others have run motor oil... I simply lock the bolt back, and spray Rem Oil in the receiver area, then release the bolt and spray the bolt assembly with a light and even coat until the bolt locks home in the barrel extension. Since I clean between range sessions, the bolt is typically unlubed (though clean) until my next range day.
  3. Glad it was useful to you! <thumbsup>
  4. Yeah, flippy was in the left hand, bolt assy in the right.
  5. LOL Up till now, none of my posts have given away how awkward I sound on video... So enjoy this to the fullest gentlemen, you have my blessing.
  6. I just did a video and will post it up in just a few minutes.
  7. ... I'm at a loss for words... (and that's pretty rare, LOL)
  8. Would it be inappropriate to hurl you downrange @ 2600 fps now? :P <laughs> <lmao> Sorry, I know it's terribly corny but I couldn't resist. <dontknow>
  9. I have a Les Baer Customs catalog and pricing sheet on the way. Gonna find out exactly how much my AR addiction will cost me this year!
  10. I'm a trophy hunter, therefore I don't need to feel bad. ;)
  11. Welcome to the beginning of the end for your bank account/retirement fund. <thumbsup> <munch>
  12. I don't know for certain, but research seems to indicate that Les likes to machine his own, I'm assuming if they explode in popularity though he will have to cease handbuilding them and create a more productive process. I'm just going by what I read in different reviews and the LB website though, so again I'm not certain. I'd like to know who does their castings though, it'd be sweet to machine your own monolithic AR!
  13. That rifle-length FFT is mad sexy man, if you can fit a lo-pro gas block under there, you should keep it! Looks good bro!
  14. Bump. Come on guys, you know you need to do another build....
  15. No problem. It wouldn't hurt if there was a lot of interest expressed in their products either, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt their feelings to know there's lots of people who would like to provide them with plenty of business, at a reasonable price of course.
  16. I'm going to call up LBC and find out!!! I'm pretty sure it will be in the 3K range. @imschur Yeah, lately I've been content to just sit back and watch the action, in this case I though it would be nice to share my dream.
  17. A picture is worth 10,000 words in this case.
  18. My wife will not let me near you guys once my tax return comes back... Just so ya know. <laughs>
  19. Hey guys, I have a complete DPMS LR308 lower that was going to become a custom build, but I've decided that I want to base my custom build on the matched MA-TEN receiver instead, so this is up for sale. The serial number has a 'K' appended meaning it is a kit lower and was not matched with an upper when DPMS shipped it out. It has a Jard trigger group and MIAD grip, standard A2 stock. It's a very nice lower, but I want it to be someone else's when my tax refund comes back. I can add pictures or send them to anyone who's interested. I do not have a price set, but all you guys know what's fair, so make me an offer.
  20. Saw this video and was reminded of the danger you guys face down on a daily basis. Be careful out there guys, stories like this are becoming uncomfortably common. Last but not least, thanks for looking out for the rest of us. Be safe in 2011.
  21. Well, quite frankly I'm a greenhorn as far as any training is concerned, I need to get my head wrapped around where to start.
  22. I'm thinking I want to sell my current DPMS project lower and go for a Ma-Ten build....
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