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Gas system length for 16" .308AR barrel?


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currently I'm in process of building .308AR with 16" stainless barrel (from Bergara blank). Intially i was planning to use mid-length gas system but after looking through different topics I found that rifle system can be a better choice for 308 16" barrel.


I need some advices from expirienced buiders/owners: please help me choose between mid- and -rifle!


I'm planning to use a carbine stock with 5.5 or 6.5 Slash heavy buffer, regulated SLR Sentry 8 gas block and a can (ACE Jet-Z Compact).



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I'm from Ukraine, this AR will be built by a local company.


Today I have a conversation with my friend who was at a company range a few days ago. They were testing 20" 308 AR with adjustable GB and Rifle gas system. And their tests shows that for reliable function (even with a fully opened GB) gas port needed to be drilled really wide. They have made a few iterations testing the gun and drilling gas port... But their tests was made without a can and with the "rifle" stock/receiver extension/buffer. The correct positioning of GB was confirmed with borescope each time.


So it looks to be a better idea to have a mid-length gas + adj. GB to get some reliability "reserve". Even with a can...

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Assuming you can get the parts (and it looks like ITAR isn't really hindering you since you can get the SLR block and Slash buffer), I'd recommend going with an AR-10 pattern buffer system instead (7-3/4 in. internal depth receiver extension such as VLTOR A5, Armalite EA1095 action spring, and normal AR-15 carbine-sized buffers, start with H3 weight). This should give you more options when tuning your adjustable gas block and buffer system. 


I prefer rifle gassed systems on 16" barrels, but then again I don't have to worry with as cold of temps as you guys get in Ukraine... With the SLR block though I guess you could just open the port pretty large and dial it back.

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Civilians can not own a handguns in Ukraine so we don't have a concealed carry permits. The only exception is that You can get a gun shooting rubber bullets. This is a real sh.t and price is premium. License is something hard to obtain and costly.


As for the gun laws: You can own shotguns and rifles/carbines as far as the total length is longer than 800mm (~31.5") (but there is some exception and some shorter guns available for sale). I have a 14.5" AR15 and some people purchasing a 10" but it will have it's telescoping stock maximally extended and blocked plus a long noveske type compensator to gain 800mm.



As You can see the prices is at least 2x higher that in US.


You must receive a permission before purchasing any gun. There are two types of permissions: for shotguns and rifles/carbines. It takes around a month or two to get this permission and You can go to the store. Every gun get registered by serial number and You must carry Your permission for particular gun. The term of permission is 3 years than You will need to prolong it.


There is no regulations on cans right now so You can buy and use as much as You want :) Some companies make them locally



but ACE products is better :)


The worst is the price of ammunition: we have our own factory in Lugansk destroyed (this is the part of territory "occupied" by Russians) and no more cheap Tula ammo naturally. Right now You can get Polish Mesko or Czech S&B for about $0.75 for .223. (The price of Mesko in Germany is around ~$0.4). Cheapest .308 will be $1 and higher.


As a result I'm planning to sell my .223 AR and get an LR-308 clone built because anyway I can shoot only on rare occasions due to very bad economical situation.


After our country political course "changed" US is began to give export permissions for many different brands that was unavailable before: You can now get SCARS, Daniel Defense, COLT, ACR and many others but the prices is at least 2x times higher than in US and due to really bad economical situation not many people can afford it right now.














Anyway economical situation is really bad (and I think it become worse over time) so many people try to leave the country (especially in IT). One of my friends is now working in Texas but he is not a gun nut so he can't understand his luck from this point of view :)

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