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OK who has built a dedicated 45acp AR 15?


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  I just accquired a pile of  oly arms .45 carbine parts consisting on an upper and 6 mags.   The mags are .45 UZI mags with a spacer block welded to each mag so they fit in a standard lower.       I really dont have any experiance with the stuff and honastly am not sure what I am going to do with it (I want to build it into something and play with it for a bit but after that I am not sure.   I dont have much else in the way of .45 and its not the cheapest thing to plink with)


I have heard mixed feedback about the Olympic stuff.    I have personally had a few items they built that I was not impressed with.    This stuff seems better than some.    Same guy I got this from has a 9MM Oly AR pistol that he wants to move that I might try and talk him out of.    Similar set up in that it takes propriatary mags and uses a standard lower with no adapter.

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Yep, Ron williams is the guy to see. I went to him for the 10mm barrel because I wanted a gas operated bolt. Ive put together a couple CNC guns lowers for a friend that take grease gun mags and the look pretty nice.


NOT my pic but just to show the lower.



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Get a CNC guns "paperweight" lower ( 80%). Uses GG mags as stated. GG mags will not fit in a regular lower. No one has mentioned Mad Machinists .45 stuff. Rudy Koester (sp?) I think. Gas operated, not blowback. I used some of his parts to build mine. Runs like a top.


Seems like that Ron guy has an ongoing pissing contest with Rudy, don't know why.  Look at BARF and CNC guns forums and form your own opinions.

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Ran it for years on the Oly special mag through a standard lower, but didn't like the capacity - the Oly mag is single stack.  Just switch over - finally - to the CNC Guns dedicated lower and Grease Gun mags.


Blowback operated - not gas.  Runs like a champ.



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Get a CNC guns "paperweight" lower ( 80%). Uses GG mags as stated. GG mags will not fit in a regular lower.


Justin (CNC Guns) stopped offering the 80% AR45 lowers a couple years ago.  He only does the 100% lowers now, annodized.  He did drop the price on them, though, and I think the price is still down. Used to cost about $417 to get a finished one shipped to you, now it's $293 shipped (if his price is still down).


True, GG mags won't run in a standard lower, without some good modifications - they're too wide. 

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Rob, watch out - those aren't GG mags.  They're for something else...  check this listing:




Up for sale are 3 grease gun 45 acp 30rd mags
These mags will work in MAC 10 45 acp clones such as the VMAC 10 and MPA 10 also victory arms Thompson SMG tommy gun clone.







***  Everybody likes to say "Grease Gun Magazines," but if it won't run in the M3 Grease Gun, then it might not be what you're looking for to build an AR45 with a CNC Guns dedicated lower. I don't know what the other companies use for mags. I get my new GG mags from keepshooting.com.  Modern steel, new production, and they run.  <thumbsup>


M3 Grease Gun magazines don't have a crazy ridge on the back of them, and the mag catch slot is on the upper right side of the magazine. 

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Hey brother - you've got them in hand.  Get the measurements on them and I'll put up measurements of the KeepShooting GG mags that i have.  That'll tell us - if your measurements are the same, or close, to what I've got, then they'll fit.

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  1.  (A) Mag body width: 0.983”
  2.  (B.)Mag body length: 1.470”
  3.  (C.) Mag body length, across reinforcement: 1.554”
  4.  (D) Mag body width, across reinforcement: 1.072”
  5.  (E) Top of mag catch to top corner of mag feed lip: 0.782”
  6.  (F) Mag catch pocket, height: 0.371”
  7.  (G) Mag Catch pocket length, front to back (centered in cutout): 0.406”








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These are averages of the six mags. They were all within .01 to .005 in tolerances.

  • (A) Mag body width: 0.84”
  • (B.)Mag body length: 1.50”
  • (C.) Mag body length, across reinforcement: 1.55”
  • (D) Mag body width, across reinforcement: 0.90”
  • (E) Top of mag catch to top corner of mag feed lip: ???
  • (F) Mag catch pocket, height: 0.40”
  • (G) Mag Catch pocket length, front to back (centered in cutout): ???”

I missed two of the measurements because my kids were out of control. I guess the benadryl wore off.

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The only significant difference between the mags is that three of them have a slightly longer reinforced area (as seen in the pics)

Spoke with the old man about the mags. He said they were over stock from the old SWAT locker. They were used in a Thompson and/or GG. He's not 100% sure if they were interchangeable, but he had both weapons in the armory before they changed over to the HK MP5. I had the opportunity to shoot both of them before they got decommissioned. He snatched up a grocery bag full of mixed magazines before they got tossed in the round file. He says there were a bunch of M14, .30 Carbine, Mini14, Thompson and GG mags getting destroyed.

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