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Bad barrels?????????


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The more I read about barrels that people recommend the more I realize that there are a lot of companies making good barrels these days.  I'd like to start this thread about barrels that you would suggest people avoid.  Poor accuracy to bad customer service, what ever the reason, I'd like to hear about your bad barrels.  Please stick to the facts when reporting on your barrel issues. 

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  Sometimes its not the Barrel , even tho someone thinks its the Barrel . Kinda hard to pin down with out a scientific approach in laboratory environment . 


  Someone may say my Barrel shoots like $hit & there are many factors involved for one to say its is or isn't the barrel . If you buy from a Quality Manufacturer like most of us do here , not many bad ones to even talk about , But that's just me & my experience .


  I'm sure they are out there , but what do you consider Bad ? One that shoots around corners , someone had one close to that here once , bbl. was bent of something & I think it was Bought off Ebay , go figure .

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Rainer gives you the option to return any barrel for 90 days for a full refund, no questions ask.


So just buy a barrel from them and you dont have to worry about getting a bad one.


(I have 5 of there rebranded barrels ranging from the econo model to the ultra match and have been happy as could be with all of them)

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Blackthorn... and all of their previous names.

I still don't trust this new "Radical Arms"... I'm not condemning them yet, but the jury is still out.

I know I don't need to say it, but....


I swear that if you use a CMMG pistol grip screw, you will have FTF's, FTE's and an 18MOA. Swap the screw with a cheapo High Standard and problem solved!

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I've never searched out "the cheapest barrel I can buy" to build any rifle I have.  Therefore, I can't comment or provide input about bad barrel companies.


I know Matt can speak of a bad barrel-building experience, from a very good (reputation and performance standpoint) barrel manufacturer.  Based on his feedback on that purchasing experience, I will never own one of their barrels.

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You get what you pay for

He nailed it right there for you beeks. For just about all of my builds, I've somehow ended up using nothing but either Armalite or Noveske barrels. And that's running the range from AR-10's , 300blk's to AR-15's. I've never had an issue with any of them (barrel related at least). Now there's other quality barrel manufacture's out there, plenty of them actually. I was just throwing out what I've done as an example. And as pretty much what everybody else is trying to say, don't buy a $100 barrel, and then wonder why the thing doesn't shoot worth a damn.

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