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Stock question


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I have a Bushmaster ORC 308 that I am thinking about changing the collapsable stock to a Magpul PRS 308.

First question would be any compatability issues between the rifle and the new stock? Second would be will the buffer and buffer spring need to be changed, and if so, can anyone recommend a good replacement?

I appreciate any suggetions,


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I say you look into a Tubb CS spring. A heavy buffer or a the CWS wouldn't be a bad option in addition to the spring. Of course you could pop for an enidine buffer for added effect.

Changing from a collapsable to a fixed stock requires changing four fundimental parts;

1. Stock (the most obvious)

2. Buffer tube - most fixed stocks screw into the end of the buffer tube.

3. Buffer - Carbine buffers are much shorter than rifle buffers

4. Buffer spring - The longer rifle springs will prevent full compression during cycling

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I ordered the Magpul PRS 308, Tubbs CS flat buffer spring and the Enidine fixed stock hydraulic buffer.

Just waiting on Fedex now.

Thanks for the info Robocop, edgecrusher, and JMoto, I appreciate it.

:o :o :o

I have near the same set-up, minus the PRS (it was too heavy for my build). I went with an ARFX instead.

As for the "other" springs... You'd be better off with a whole new trigger than just swapping the trigger/hammer spring. The extractor/ejector springs really only have one function, that can't really be improved upon. I only see a need to change them out, if you start having FTE's. Some people try to attribute the angle/direction of spent casing to a bad extractor/ejector. I find that the common factor is a rifle being under/over gassed. A carrier weight or a heavy buffer would help with that problem more than a extractor/ejector spring.

Do the buffer spring and buffer modification first. If you feel that the Bushmaster trigger isn't what you thought it would be, take a look at something like a CMC drop in trigger, a JP EZ trigger or a Giesselle later down the road.

Remember we charge for our information, payment can be sent in the form of copious pictures and product reviews.

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Will keep that all in mind. I have read several posts in forums regarding the Bushmaster trigger. Most said they were very happy with it and chose not to upgrade. Guess I will have to get it to the range  and make that determination. If not, you all have given plenty of options.

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