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A Small favor - Review your BAD A.S.S at Brownells

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Did you guys see the review posted by "Desperado" in Silver City, NM?  Our perfect 5.0 rating is now 4.9, I asked the staff to review it.  He never contacted us for support or exchange, the issue he described typically comes from improper installation.  We get calls from customers who had their "master gun smith" install the selector for them, and often folks that don't work on ARs have no idea what they're doing and install it incorrectly.

That guy in NM either has an axe to grind, or a shill.  He thinks forcing the levers to rotate would screw up the receiver lol.  He probably installed it with the detent up side down, or installed the center wrong (detent groove should be on the right side of the receiver, yes this has happened before).

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A gentleman emailed us re: compatibility, it was because of that questionable review that led him to doubt whether our selector would work on a Colt.  With tens of thousands of selectors in one flavor or another, with the exception of a batch in Feb of 2012 which Brownells did not receive, the only time something like what he described can happen is when the selector is improperly installed.

I'd post something to refute his review, but submitting my objection to Brownells staff is the only right way for me to protest it.

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I tried to post some kind of refute or counter to that specific "review" but I was stuck - that seems like a Brownell's problem, in the basics.  I'm a "Verified Reviewer" on their site, yet I can't add my own comments to someone else's review. 

In my very humble opinion, if I'm one of their "Verified Reviewers," then I should have the credibility to comment on some other comments in customer reviews. 

I will definitely contact them about this, as far as their "review process" is, as now. 

Me no likey.  :(

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Even if you cant clear it up I think a lot of folks would discount a single bad review. I know I would. Perhaps another member here who has not reviewed it yet can counter it. I agree with Tom whole heartedly verified reviewers should be able to comment on other comments. Maybe the new site will offer such functionality. If not I think it's a valid suggestion to mention to Brownells. Maybe that just have not thought of it. It would be in their best interest.

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What a sack of poop! I've installed the BAD-ASS in my Mega AR-15, SI-D .308, LMT AR-15 and best of all.... I put a short throw BAD-ASS in my 25 year old Colt AR-15!

TBH, there was a slight snag with the Colt when I first installed it. I polished the tip of the detent pin and greased the two parts. It's fine now.

So far I have three short throws and one original. I'll be ordering another short throw in the near future. Maybe two, if Tom can show me how to build a <21" AR Pistol to fit in my saddle bag :)

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