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A quick primer in to Canadian gun laws

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I'm floored. We're neighbors, and everything, I get it.  Something from another country (US) just affected your gun ownership,in your country (CA).

You guys gotta vote your reps out, just like we need to vote alot of them out.  

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It's funny up here how if you try and point out states with high firearms/100K on the whole have less crime  vs places with tougher gun control measures and lower firearm(DC,Detroit and Chicago come to mind) have the worst crime stats they then go off on another tangent.

They also don't like Switzerland being used as an example where the government sends people home with a gun.

There is a glimmer of hope here in Canada in our fight,greatly in part to the internet and watching the your fight in the USA.

This is particularly interesting as the CBC(Canadian Broadcast Corporation) is generally an anti gun propaganda distributor and also receives large sums of money from the government( but hey who's worried about conflict of interest?) 

In a nutshell,anti gun government skews stats to push anti gun agenda.


Here's the twitter feed announcement on the official liberals site...enjoy the comments



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