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2018 Spring Shootfest AAR


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Just because you guys are jonesin'...  WAY more to follow.  Did some different things this shoot.  High(er) angle shooting.  We'll be getting WAY deeper into this, on every shoot.

I'm up in the first vid, with Justice Brothers Matt shooting to my right.  Second vid is Matt.



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This thing.  Man, lemme tell you about THIS thing!!!  12.5" 6.5 Grendel, pistol.  Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 Firedot scope, 1.5~4 power. In a Nikon M223XR mount with 20 MOA built into it.


Okay, so we went to the long range side this time.  Been trying to get over there for every trip, and it just doesn't work out.  We went there first thing Saturday morning, before setting up camp where we usually do.  Parked the big truck and camper, because it won't fit in over there, hauled all the gear in the Super Nissan.  Set out zero confirmation targets at 100, steel at 500, and steel at 845 yards.

SO, Matt lays down on top of the 10-foot high berm, and he's just DYIN' to pull a trigger.  He sights in on the 845 right away, and hits it on the second shot.  I was not gonna let that go unanswered, and I got out the 700 and missed my first shot, but gonged it on the second one.  Okay, draw there.  I'm safe for now, even though I'm creeping up on Middle Aged...  :lmao:

THIS LITTLE GRENDEL.  It is ON THE MONEY on the 500, with 4.0 mils of elevation.  It is ON THE MONEY at 845 yards, with 10.6 mils of elevation.  I couldn't believe it.  It wasn't like launching a round or lobbing a round - this little thing shoots FLAT!!!  It was all over the 845 as soon as I got the elevation turret dialed right.  Everytime.  Blew my mind.

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The 18" Grendel was on at 3.0 mils at 500 yards, and 8.2 mils at 845 yards.  Just for reference, the 700 throwing a 178gr HPBT at 2400fps took 9.0 mils to get right on at 845 yards.  The 18" Grendel shoots alot flatter than the .308 Win rounds I've got cooked up for distance. 

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Pics just in from Justice Brothers Matt!!!

JB Matt's Grendel - this thing is 1/2" groups at 100 yards.  Damn nice.


Getting my short Grendel ready to go.  This thing was a shocker.


Up in the rocks.


I was on that target right away, and getting after it.



@Matt.Cross, hiding in the rocks!!!



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It is, indeed - it is perfect ground for longer distances, brother.  Just perfect.  :thumbup:  We can go 1200 yards all day long, and really studying the terrain - we can go as far as we want, really.  As far as we want.  Way further than any of us can shoot, and any of our rifles can shoot - even Ron's MRAD.  Yep...  I'll bet we've got more than 2,000 yards out there...

This event went Friday ,Saturday and Sunday.  I'll let Matt talk about Friday, which turned into a planning and item-gathering day.  For Saturday, the whole plan was go drop the big truck and camper close to the long range site, get over there with the gear in the Nissan, and have at it. Return to base camp later in the day, set up camp, and set up targets for Sunday.

So Saturday, we did just that. We dropped the Dodge and camper, proceeded in our mini-convoy (the Nissan and JB Matt's Tactical Cadillac, the Suburban).  We set up the 100 zero targets just to confirm or refine gun zero's, 500 yard steel and 845 yard steel. The 500 was just another conformation target for both sighting and wind holds - just a practice target for the 845.  Everything was confirmed with the range finder (more on that thing later), and the 100 was right on, the 500 was actually 513, and, well, the 845 was 845 yards. That's why we called it the 845...   :laffs:

As soon as Matt pulled the trigger on his second shot, he was done.  Mission accomplished for his shoot-goal.  Go longer than last time.  He was content as I've ever seen him, and smiling the whole time.  That MA-TEN dope card that he had with him was right on the money - as we saw the rest of the weekend, too.

I got out there right away with the 700 AAC-SD, and it did it's business as usual.  I was loaded up with Hornady 178gr HPBTs in once-fired Hornady Match brass, and those loads delivered.  I have another 50 rounds loaded with Hornady 195gr HPBTs in the same brass, at 2.800" COAL, to try out, and we intended to do that, but we never shot them.  They're gonna get it, though. That's gonna require a whole other workup to dial them in, but it'll be fun to get the data on them. 

I went after the 18" Grendel next, and it was right on the money.  I couldn't ask for more from it, and it'll whip the a$s of both my Mk12s, hands down.  It's a completely different beast altogether.  3.0 mils of drop at 500 yards, 8.2 mils of drop at 845 yards...  unreal. 

JB Matt worked over his long Grendel, too, and it was right on the money for him.  He was working on a 223 Wylde gun and got it down at 500 yards. 

I got that damn 12.5" Grendel out, and that thing was a shocker. Completely. I expected it to perform at the 500, but maybe not much more than that.  Holy Sheit, is that thing bad.  4.0 mils at 500 yards and 10.something at 845 yards - and it was ON at 845 yards!  Once the dials were set on the scope, it made hit after hit after hit, without fail.  I was floored, bewildered, and shocked that a short barrel anything could perform like that.

Once we had all that sorted out, and had all the data on guns, Larry called.  He was over at the "normal" location, looking for us.  JB Matt was working on another bolt action at the time, so I hauled butt to meet Larry and guide him in.  Larry stayed for quite awhile, and we all had some GREAT conversation! 

When it was time to pack up the long distance side, it was somewhere around 3:30...  We pulled targets, got everything in the trucks, and hauled it all over to the other side, to camp.

Once we got to the other side, Larry rolled straight through and hit the road for Tucson. We proceeded to set camp up, and put a couple of JB Matt's targets out at pistol distances.  Before it got too late, Matt and I tossed a big steel out at 375 yards for some night shooting.  We shot pistol,and once it got dark, we shot rifle at the 375.  Got the fire going, got the brats in the beer an on the stovetop to brown up, and got the chili in the dutch over over the fire.  The brats went in, we cooked it up good, and chowed down.  After that was some more night shooting on the 375, and bedtime. Out.

The next morning, we decided to put another bid piece of steel at the end of the ridge again, and this time it worked out at 605 yards.  We proceeded to give that guy the business, and a newed silver-looking Suburban drove past camp.  No kidding, that guy drove to ALMOST where our 605 target was, pulled in close to the hill, and started hauling stuff out of the back of his truck. 

We didn't know what to do...  Matt and I were ready to ring that steel, and let the guy know that he set up close to our target.  JB Matt was the voice of reason, and said, "He's driving a Suburban, he can't be that bad, let's invite him over, maybe he's cool..."  We almost did it, and we RESISTED the temptation to ring that plate - but it was TOUGH...   :laffs:

We decided to pull the target. Just drive down there and take it down.  We already had 3 or 4 hours on it, so it really wasn't a loss. 

More coming...  posting this before I lose it...

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So, Matt and I drive down there, and this guy is shooting pistol on a small silhouette - and doing damn well, I might add.  Tight group in the center of that little plate.  He's about 75 or 100 yards short of where our target was, in relation to camp.  We drive right up to the base of the hill, Matt waves at him when we're rolling up, and we get out and walk uphill...

I don't know if he really saw that white-painted steel or not, but when we were walking up the hill, he looked kinda shocked. He stopped shooting, obviously. We pulled the target, put it in the bed, and drove right over to him on the way back to camp.  When we pulled up, I said, "We were shooting that thing at 605 yards, but we didn't think it was polite to shoot over you, and slightly in front of you, so we yanked it."  The guy says he's sorry, and he'll move, and all that, and we just said, "No worries, man.  Don't sweat it."  He says he saw a few people shooting over there, and he saw a camp way to the south...  I said, "That's us.  We were shooting that thing from there..."

You should have seen the look on him.  He looked back to where the target was, looked at our camp, did it all again...  then just looked at us...  :laffs:

He says he'd move again, but we refused.  I told him, "Everyone needs some training, it's no big deal.  Do what you do..."

We rolled back to camp.  By this time, JB Matt is just sighting in guns and getting dope on all kinds of stuff he brought out there.  257 Roberts (Holy Fuk is THAT thing sweet!), and all kinds of others.  We spent the rest of Sunday doing pistol drills, rifle dope gathering, and shooting JB Matt's guns. 

I'll let Matt get in here now and spill some stories. :thumbup:

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Here are the dope charts I worked up on both the Grendels.  I will confirm and test these at various others distances coming up soon.  These charts are about right on, based on what I saw at 500 and 845 yards.  I'll confirm with accuracy shots at other distances, instead of "shots that can hit steel" at those distances.  This is all used to refine what my handloads are really doing - but they're really close this (and right on at 845) for what we saw this weekend.

18" Grendel, 123gr ELD-M at 2585fps from the handloads delivered this on target:


12.5" Grendel, 123gr ELD-M at 2370fps delivered this on target:


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Tom's account is pretty thorough, covers pretty much all of it, sans minor detail.

I went to bed about 2:00am EST after packing and trip prep, and set my alarm to be up at 4:00 to head to the airport. Didn't get much sleep at home but the two flights to PHX span about 5 hours and that's a fair chance to get caught up on sleep, so I slept on the flights as much as possible. Arrived in PHX ~9:00am MST, picked up my guns and texted Tom details on my location. 

It is noteworthy that with regard to travel, this has been the most uneventful trip yet, it really worked out nicely.

So we headed to the Casa De Tom's Folks to drop off my gear while we did a preliminary supply run at the Glendale Cabela's. Got to meet Tom's mom and her husband, both really awesome folks.

Did our supply run and dropped by Arby's on the way back for some chow, lunch at Tom's Folks and after getting better acquainted, we loaded all the gear back into the Nissan from Hell and headed to the gear staging area at TactiCat's place. We spent the rest of the day doing gear prep, and retrieving and loading Tom's camper/gear trailer. 

After making a preliminary grocery run, we loaded up all the requisite coolers and took a cold beverage break. 

Then Tom and I teamed up to create the ultimate grilled steak concoction, with an awesome marinade of my own making, and with Tom's grilling skills coming to the fore. After a fantastic supper of steak and buttered peas with garlic, Tom headed to the shed to do some last-minute custom loads and I busied myself with trying unsuccessfully to figure out how to make a cheap sling work for my Barbie gun. Called it a night after that and headed off to bed to catch as much sleep as possible to be up and at 'em at daylight.

That's pretty much where Tom's account picks up.

Here's my dope sheet for the MA TEN for the weekend, straight from the Hornady online calculator.


I simply rounded up all the given numbers for 500 yards and above, and this dope sheet was on the money!

We also got to play with Tom's rangefinder/Kestrel combo, which was every bit as he described and then some.

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So we got set up on and shot pretty much as Tom described. 

I felt the need to set a challenge right off the bat, so I threw a cold-bore shot at the 845yd target hoping for a 1st round hit at distance. Alas, diagonal mirage in your optic at 845 means you need to account for wind, and I simply did a dead-hold. 1st shot fell just right of the target, slightly low elevation of point-of-aim. Spotted the impact, measured the offset by the reticle, fired a follow-up shot and heard the satisfying sound of the steel ringing while watching the target begin swinging. 2 rounds into the trip and I'm completely satisfied! 

After all, really all I wanted was to get out and test my rifle out at 800 yards and beyond. Having seen that my dope is consistent at all the distances I have shot from 100yds to 850, I'm completely satisfied with the performance of the MA TEN. It is point-of-aim accurate from 100-800yds and beyond, and demonstrably repeatable. We did repeated long fire strings throughout the day, mixed dialing and holding for both wind and elevation, at varying magnifications, and the MA TEN was on the money. The wind was fairly calm but still had to be accounted for, and that was an excellent learning experience for me.

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Tom's sister came out Sunday to get acquainted and do some shooting with us, here's a nice pic of her with Tom's bolt gun.....



A really nice gal and a superb shot. Couldn't stop talking about how much she wanted to meet @suzukiray though, got a little bit annoying after a while.

Still, was nice to meet her and send a few downrange together..

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30 minutes ago, sketch said:

glad your trip to bagdad was surpurb this time bro! just got word my local range is buying property to open up to a 600 yd target! im hoping to be ready for the. next adventure in the future.. or im just moving. @98Z5V im in.. ... .. .. ...

Bring it, brother.  By the way, my sister's name is Jen.  :thumbup:  I don't know what she's got on Ray, but she sure does like him. 

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10 minutes ago, suzukiray said:

I havent met her or ever even TALKED to her!! Did one of you guys show her that picture of me licking my eyebrows or something????

I think she overheard a conversation about the last Fall Shoot, she asked some follow-up questions, I was compelled to repeat what jokes I could remember...

Anyways, the Spring Shoot was very cool, and the Fall Shoot promises to be outstanding as well.

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She had a great time,even though it was just for an afternoon - she had to get back to my parent's place in Phx.  She's talking about coming back out for the Fall Shoot.  She was out a few years ago, several. I think it was 2012.  Been awhile, anyway. 

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