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Barrel Opinions Needed


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Hello everyone, Jay here, long time lurker, and first time poster. I'm approaching the final stages of completing my large frame ar in 6.5cm, I would like some input on barrel choices. It's mostly going to be a range rifle, 100-200y for load testing at my local range and the occasional 800y when I am able to make the trip to a range 2 hours away. I would love to do some 1000y+ shoots whenever my friends and I get around to setting up a trip that would allow us to do so.

As for the rifle, it's an Aero M5 lower/upper and rifle length receiver ext with prs stock.  It will most likely wear a Vortex Viper pst gen 2 5-25x scope. I really like the single stage feel of triggers from my savage bolt actions, so I am most likely going to install/steal the Timney 3lb or Hiperfire ecl already installed in my other ar15s. 

I would like to get the barrel and bolt from the same manufacturer if possible. I was already somehow set on going with an Odinworks bolt/bcg, 22' barrel, and their adjustable gas block(I have the block on another rifle and I am fairly satisfied with it).  Price-wise, what's listed comes out to about 650 with a 10% promo code.  Was waiting for memorial day for some better sales, in the meantime I have emailed them a couple times to get more specific information on the parts(like blank manufacturer) and they have not replied within the last 2-3 months. This makes me sort of leery about purchasing the parts, because if I ever encounter problems with them, it might be hard to get some decent customer service from them.  That and the lack of reviews on their barrels.

Then there's JP Enterprise, I have usually received responses from them within one business day and from what I've read, it seems like their parts are gtg. I would like to use their 22' teflon coated ultramatch with matching bolt, and full mass bcg.  Gas block will most likely be an SLR adjustable due to its shining reviews here. Parts listed are about 1150 retail, really hoping for some sales. Anyone know of any JP Enterprise promo code/youtuber codes? Google has not produced any usable ones.

Anyone that has had any experience with JP barrels that can justify the price difference? Odinworks and JP barrels are both sub-moa guaranteed supposedly. Any benefits/detriments to the jp barrel cooler/radiator in barrel harmonics? Benefits/detriments of low mass vs full mass bcg in 6.5cm rifle?

Any other barrel/bolt manufacturers that you guys recommend?

I have an xcalibur bull barrel on a savage bolt action that consistently prints 5/10 shots groups at 100/200y .75 and .5moa if I do my part. I would love to have this 6.5cm AR to approach that kind of precision without breaking the bank unnecessarily. On a side-note, I also have a 16' Anderson chromoly 223 wylde barrel that can print well under 1moa with handloads at 100y that I only paid $40 for, lucky!

Any info/opinions are glady appreciated!


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Welcome to the forum.  Feel free to introduce yourself in the intro section. 

Many people on the forum have used Faxon barrels with high praise.  Here is a barrel similar to what you are looking for.  They are currently out of stock on the BCG for it though.  With BCG, it is around $650.


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Fulton Armory is a patriotic group.  Clint McKee is very patriotic. He has sales around traditional/patriotic holidays, i.e., Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas...  Those sales are 10% off anything in the store.  His biggest sale of the year is 15% off, and that's at President's Day.

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Just when I think I got it all figured out, they had to go and do a 25% off April sale...


I can get a 6.5CM 24' socom heavy profile with rifle+1 gas in matte finish for $305 minus the 25% discount. Choice of rifling and an option to have it cryo'd for $80 more.

I've been pretty happy with their savage pre-fit, but haven't heard much about their gas gun barrels. Con also is thier lead time seems to be around 2 months.

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  • 2 months later...

Sorry for the necro, but wanted to give an update.

Ended up going with the 22' JP ultramatch barrel and full mass bcg.

Will break in with factory loads probably this weekend. Hopefully be able to load for it by the end of the year.

And pics!







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A little update, broke in the rifle today.  They only had one box of 6.5 creedmoor ammo at my local academy, it was hornady black 140gr. So I didn't get to shoot it as much as I'd like. 

11 shots to shoot/clean/zero the scope and 3-3 shots groups at 100 meters.  Barrel looks really promising for reloads and cleans easy as well. Going to order some hornady eld-m ammo in 3 weights to test later and to point me towards a good bullet weight for when I start reloading.

Would've liked to print some 5-10 shot groups if I had more ammo. I think the 1/2 inch ones could've been slightly better if I took my time, they were about 30 seconds in between shots. Was in a hurry because the yellow flies/mosquitoes were eating me alive!




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Thanks for the offer Matt, I may take you up on that in the near future. I had already placed an order for Hornady Match Ammo 120, 140, and 147 earlier.

I've had good luck reloading 75gr and 80gr 223 ELD/amax in my bolt gun. I hope the ELDs shoot well in this barrel since they are a little more economical than other bullets.

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