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Midland X-talker radio review.


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Model T71VP3

got an award at work and they let you pick something out of a catalog.  Most of the stuff was junk but these looked cool and got good reviews. Just arrived last night and im going to try it out at work instead of the bulky Motorola junk we use. Impressions so far are good. It has cool features without being overcomplicated. Says 38 mile range unobstructed LOS with full power. Uses a battery pack that charges fast with a usb. Can also use AAs. Says 15hr usage on a charge. Very clear so far. Way better than the company radios. Way smaller and lighter. Ill be updating this as I get use out of them. Could be cool when you are out setting up those 400+ yd targets?


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8 hrs of light but steady usage. Battery bar hasnt moved at all. Totally clear all day. Got stepped on a little once and bumped it to ch2. havnt played with the privacy settings yet. Was using it for coms while I was working, and as an intercom since im in the back of the truck most of the day seperated by a bulkhead and window. Its brain  numbingly loud In The back of that POS truck but the radios didnt transmit background noise and were plenty loud.  It worked better than the actual intercom that are hardwired In to the truck (but are usually broken) didnt get a chance to try them at range but maybe tomorrow since I have a few malls to service. So far so good. 

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A few years ago, we started carrying Rugged radios at work.  I looked into the handhelds...


I discovered that they're made by another company and re-branded, so I went to the parent company and bought two of them.  I don't know why I've never taken them out to a shoot, and Matt and I discussed this at the spring shoot.  They'll be going out from now on.


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Solid week of use. No issues. Dropped it a few times with no damage. Battery indicator hasnt moved over a shift. was getting stepped on now and then until I set up a privacy channel and not a peep since. Lost coms from one side of a mall to the other, but thats a whole lot of walls to get through with a 2" antenna and AA batteries so expected. Pretty happy with these. 

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