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Hello, and thank you for all the Knowledge I acquired visiting this forum!

My first rifle is a PTR-91 because it was inexpensive, reliable and a .308, and also I believe the .223 doesn't feel dangerous enough. HA its just a wittle guy! So I started to try to make the PTR lighter and easier to shoot. So in this time my buddy built an 80% lower ar-15 and it runs well, So i thought why not put money into a lightweight ar 308 instead of putting that money into the PTR. Turns out I under researched the build, the gun is working now, but still have some light primer strikes. I need to get some more decent ammo, I used the good stuff working out the bugs. All I have left is some Malaysian surplus. I love the rifle, just thought it would be ready to rock and roll right off the work bench! It's a labor of love! With a Vortex 3x9 diamond back it weighs just a titch over 9 LBS. I had failures to extract, so one by one I added a heavier buffer, heavier spring, and the JP extractor. Again thanks for knowledge!

5D tactical upper and lower

Midwest Industries 12" handgaurd

POF anti tilt receiver extension

Sprinco orange carbine spring

KVP AR-10 308 CAR SS Tungsten Buffer 5.6 oz. 

SLR Rifleworks Sentry 7 Set Screw Adjustable Gas Block

Faxon 16" mid-length pencil barrel, BCG, and bolt

Seekins Precision ATC Muzzle Brake

KE Arms SLT-1 trigger

JP enterprises enhanced extractor





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12 hours ago, xerondall said:

KE Arms SLT-1 trigger


12 hours ago, jtallen83 said:

Not familiar with that trigger but some of the light pull weight single stage triggers have been known to have issues with surplus ammo. I have a rebranded Velocity single stage that has some issues igniting some NATO surplus. 

"Sear Link Technology" from them.  Been playing with one weekly - my Tool guy that comes by the shop weekly is also a gun-guy, and he sells KE Arms stuff right on the tool truck.  It's dangerous...  :laffs:  "Yeah, just gimme that and put it on my truck account...   "  :banana:

The SLT let's you put it on safe when the hammer is down.  It doesn't need to be cocked to put it on safe.  Other than that, when firing it in the trigger jig, I don't see or feel any difference in it, from any other nice single stage trigger. 

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