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300 black accuracy

Alan Waters

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Not to take anything away from the collective 300 BLK knowledge around here but try this place.   http://www.300blktalk.com/forum/

A lot of the guys there have been shooting a BLK since its inception and the knowledge base is second to none. 

I have a 16" carbine AR and a 8" suppressed SBR AR.  Both of them are extremely accurate.  The SBR will lob 220 grain bullets at 970fps and touch holes at 50 yards all day and in two years has 3 deer to its credit.

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Run mine with MBUS for sights shooting 200-220 gr suppressed rings the steel regular at 100 yards and rapidly accurate in that 15-20 yard range. Something about that "pistol" lends itself to working well for inexperienced and beginner shooters, short light, accurate, and really quiet. Is it bench rest quality, hell no. Does it get the job done inside it's limitations, hell yes!

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7 minutes ago, Robocop1051 said:

 The only difference is velocity. 

Yup, and with that difference in velocity is a huge difference in trajectory.  A 220 grain sub has 5 - 6" of drop between 50 and 100 yards.  My 110 grain Varmageddons sighted in at 50 yards are dead nuts same aim point at 100.  The bullet is rising through the 50 yard mark and dropping through the 100.  A 300 yard shot with a .308 pushing a 168 grain bullet is definitely possible.  That same shot with a 110 grain supersonic bullet from a BLK is pushing the limits of the caliber.

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My 150gr FMJ-BT loads are very accurate at 300 yards, at MOA or just under, through the 16" gun. Gotta know the drop on them, though.   I don't know if they'd be as accurate through the 8" gun or not, but this is definitely worth testing out now.  The 8" is irons only, so it'll take some "figuring out" for the drop, but I'll put the scope from the 16" on it and see what it does.

That's about all I load for Blackout, so I don't know how different ammo will perform.  I need to try out some lighter stuff and see how far it will go, accurately.

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29 minutes ago, Sisco said:

Trying Hornady 212 gr ELD-X bullets for subsonic hunting loads. Originally designed for the 300 WM so a longer bullet. Have not had a chance to test them yet.

From past reading experience you can expect them to either pencil straight through a deer or if you're lucky be unstable enough to tumble on impact.  They are designed for 300 WM speeds not plodding along subsonic.  I've taken 3 deer the past 2 years with Maker 200 grain expanding subsonic Blackout bullets and even with them perfectly expanding(perfect triangle exit holes) there was no blood trail from any of the deer.  2 of them flopped over in 30 yards, the third made it about 100 with an entry and exit wound in the chest.  None of them were tracking jobs, it was looking for a dead deer. 

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My 16"  Wilson Combat Match ,light weight barrel with a Carbine gas system & shooting just about anything from 150-110 gr. is extremely accurate . no subs here , I like the 110 Hornady's or the Nosler Varmageddons & I would have to look up my notes on Chrono results , but they should be here somewhere . I have been shooting since the round came out also . All the experimenting with different powders & bullets , I been using H110 for quite a while & now have a good stash of Remington BLK Brass .Not that i minded making them from 5.56 Brass , but like to see on the bottom of the Case what it is . Now if I would only break down & get some 25-45 Sharpes Brass .

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