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Question about RDS/HWS magnifiers


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So I remember talking with Robocop a bit about Red dot magnifiers over on Full30. He seemed to dislike the concept, I am curious why? I have a little experience with them but not a whole lot. Are they mainly for PID or are they practical at a distance? The little bit I used them it was hard to hit my target accurately out past 150 or so yards. I was using a standard RDS though, not a HWS.

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3 hours ago, blue109 said:

I tried the burris magnifier behind an eotech. My main issue was the weight and the way it was distributed.  Rifle felt like it wanted to tip sideways like it was top heavy and unbalanced. got rid of it. Sample size of one. 

I agree with this. A 4x fixed optic is still easy to use 2 eyes open and is usually lighter and has better balance. 

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My issue was sacrificing pinpoint accuracy at a distance. Not an issue in combat situations most likely, where they have specialized rifles for that and top of the line EOS and other brands. I like the use of them close up, 100 yards and less, but at 200 and up, I found the dot completely covering the bulls eye. My solution, which I am happy with, is the PA 1x6 with the lighted recticle. At 1x lit up, it makes a passable red dot, but can be jacked up to 6x for distance shooting, with a very usable BDC reticle to boot. Works for me on my AR10T carbine.

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I have a couple magnifiers and like them but certainly wouldn’t replace my 1x6 scopes with one. With QD mounts they don’t have to stay on the weapon but can hang out in a pack till needed. I also noticed that friends and family like to use them when banging steel at 100-200 yards, always more fun to make hits. The rifles and pistols I have red dots on get left in the rack more without the magnifier, anything I can do to encourage more people to shoot a variety of weapons the better.

If I were only allowed one optic a magnifier wouldn’t be it, might not even be a third or fourth choice but still glad I have them.

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I have some guns with only a red dot, and I have a Burris magnifier that primarily stays on one gun, but it's on an ADM QD mount, so I can put it on any of them with an AR red dot (height of the magnifier mount).  It works well, very well.  The issue of hitting anything beyond 150 is trajectory, and holds, not the magnifier. 

What is your zero distance on that gun, JF?  On a 5.56 gun, with a 50/200 zero, I'm good to 250-ish with a centermass hold, unless it's at 25-ish yards. 

For 25 yards, just hold about 2.5" low, and you'll impact right where you want.  That's where an EOTech shines, right there, with a 50/200 zero.  Hold the bottom of that 65MOA circle, and you're dead-on at 7 yards. 

So, the 50/200 zero - Slight hold higher at 300, top of the head hold at 400 gets me centermass impacts.  That doesn't matter if there's a magnifier on there or not.  I hold half a body high at 550, and it's centermass hits.  It's knowing your holds, more than anything else - the magnifier just makes the target more clear at distance. It makes it easier to be a little more precise. It excels at hunting with a red dot, if you know your distance holds.

The 36-yard zero really shines here, out to 300 yards. Even better than the 50/200 zero.

Target reference I'm talking about is an IPSC steel plate, 18" wide, 30" tall, torso shaped.

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