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Nature doesn’t know compassion


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Walked out on my patio and saw this. About a week old fawn, apparently was attacked by a predator and got away and missing it’s right eye.it has been on my patio for about three hours. The mother must have assumed its dead, as she has not shown up. Not a damn thing I can do for it. Waiting to get the clear from the Game Wardens to put it out of its misery, as if the mother has abandoned it it is still nursing so it won’t live. Hate to have to do it, not much choice as I see it.


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I'll take her.  Blind as hell, she'd be an awesome houseguest for the rest of her life, and eat well.  I gotta figure out how to talk to TactiCat about this, and explain that she's not a dog, because that rabid bastard attacks dogs.  It's my way of mending nature, and coming to peace with deer...   Those motherfuckers...   :thumbup:

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1 hour ago, Sisco said:

Just glad I didn’t have to do anything.

I'da taken her, brother, for real, and raised up that little one-eyed heffer.  Teach her to kick TactiCat's ass.

36 minutes ago, Belt Fed said:

Deer are tough, ...

Brother, you have no idea how true that opening statement really is...  I'd fight Mike Tyson before I'd fight another deer.

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This woulda been my way of making up with nature.  In short, fuk deer.  Typically, I hate those a$sholes. Big time.  I'll fight a deer before I'll ever fight a beaver again, though.  That's the fucking spartan of the animal world, right there, I don't care what anyone says.  Badgers are gay - fight a beaver and find out what you're made of...  :thumbup::lmao:

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I've already made that mistake a couple times, and lost those fights.  On top of all else, I'd go back and fight that real beaver again before I'd be caught going out with those two...

That thing was 42lbs of pissed off fury and vengeful anger.  Fight, get it over with, someone walks off this sandbar.  What I went through with those other two - I'd take the real, rabid, Cujo-The-Beaver again...   Easy choice.

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