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Florida trying to ban all semi's

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Not pistols - just rifles and shotguns. Rifle and Shotgun semi's = gone with this one.  Read all about it, right here:


Here's the FL AG challenge to it:



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15 minutes ago, Belt Fed said:

Yeah, that's some full blown BS right there. If that passes others will follow quickly.  I don't know why all the shootings are happening all of a sudden.

Its not that shootings just started happening. ....they just started getting thrown all over the news again. There was the bad one at the CA festival and the globalists saw a good chance for another push, so the word went out to the media slaves to report EVERYTHING gun related they can find and keep it on top. 

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At least we have until November to mobilize support and resistance against this crap (and regular people get to vote on it). Unlike NY where bills get signed in to law before anyone has a chance to take notice; much less comment on the issue. 

Why do they keep excluding handguns, but get uptight about 10+ round capability in rifles/shotguns? Doesn't this outlaw things like the Ruger Mini which have been universally acceptable in the past?

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1 hour ago, Lane said:

Why do they keep excluding handguns, but get uptight about 10+ round capability in rifles/shotguns?

Lane, it's because the military type weapons are the media darlings right now. I remember back about 30 years ago it WAS all about the handguns!

Funny thing is, back then it seemed like there were a lot of handguns but not many military style rifles. Now, there are so many military type weapons out there you could throw a dead cat and hit someone who owns one every time! They go after the what's most prolific.

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1 minute ago, 392heminut said:

WAS all about the handguns!

Thank you for the perspective; we have nasty handgun laws in NY. I remember that time, but only just barely. NYC had a terrible crime problem and I got to see that first hand before the first cleanup. I haven't been back there in a long time though... Any kind of history you want to talk about helps us all.

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