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.358 Winchester Do You?


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Just thinking out loud so to speak. I almost grabbed one of these while they were marked down on the holidays, not sure I won't grab one as I keep finding myself back on this page. 


On one hand the cartridge doesn't gain much on the .338 Federal when comparing ballistics, some, but not earth shattering. On the other hand you could load cheaper pistol bullets for plinking, IF the rifle would function on the lighter loads. Wilson Combat calls for use of the SLR adjustable gas block so maybe they have figured that in with a larger port size? 

Sounding like it really is a stretch to size up .308 brass, many report it works fine but some of the more detailed reports I found were seeing higher rates of neck cracking, even when annealing they were not getting long brass life. I can't help but think about a brass rotation that takes each reload of the case up a caliber, .308-.338-.358.

Somebody convince me I don't need to add this caliber.......before the link has another one of those sale events.

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I dunno, I have 2 358 Winchester rifles. If you lube the necks well, take your time, there are not many failures with expanding the necks up. Brass headstamp and prior rounds fired through brass will affect more than anything.  I lost more brass than my friend that resized a bunch into same caliber. He did LC headstamps, I used a mix.....I found that Federal split more on me than others.

I sold out my 308's and went over to all 358's. Nothing more than a personal decision.....would be cool to have a 358AR though!😎

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I have not loaded up any pistol bullets, yet. There are plans in the works for this, and it has been done without incident by members over on castboolits.com forum.


For me, cost of boolits are not a large issue, as I plan on casting most of my projectiles for the caliber. What I do like is the ability of the cartridge to be able to use pistol bullets to provide a "gallery" type of loading. This is most of why I like it, a large range of weights to be usable in bullets. The use of a bolt and lever action helps me out, versus a semiautomatic.....but that should still work in single shot mode with everything. 


This is the cast boolit I use in my 358 Win. Feeds flawlessly, and "thwacks" very nicely in the berm....even at a bit slower velocity.  My friend reported that the iron targets really whacked and moved when hit. And he is no newbie to shooting at steel targets....has been doing it for more than 15 years.

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I just did a quick search of 358 yeti vs 358 win and found pretty much the same info I did before.


If I remember what the main difference is the case size,  coupled with the ability to easily make brass from 308 for the 358 Win, was the deal breaker for me. Another is I thought the Winchester can handle heavier projectiles than the yeti, easier i thought.

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12 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

Yeah, it's actually available...   :banana:

^^^This and the Yeti is a 308 case cut down similar to what is done with a 223 case to make Blackout.  Then what is left is necked down to 358.  The resulting bullet fits in an AR15 mag and rifle.  358 Win is a 308 case necked up and run in a 308 AR mag and rifle.

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