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Arizona watch out SB1625


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Finally got a few moments to look over some of these threads.  Looks like gun rights will certainly be a player in the next election.  We're probably going to let the Democrats have another go at it.  Not sure if Trump can get himself re-elected with all the negative publicity.  All I know is that my investments are at an all time high with him at the helm.........


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550 KFYI conservative radio here in Phx.  James T. Harris had Republican Bob Thorpe on the show tonight.  No way will the AZ House and Senate let this shiit through.  We're safe for right now, as long as the R's hold the majority.  The major influence in AZ on who gets elected - comes from all the people that move to AZ.  More and more Libs are moving here, and bringing all their political baggage with them. 

All the AZ R's, according to Thorpe, have taken an oath to each other - remain strong 2A, squash everything Red Flag that even comes up, and never give up AZ Citizen's 2A Rights.  Hopefully, they can always maintain the majority.  Electors/Voters get off their asses and get out to vote, and we shouldn't ever have a problem.

This latest stunt by the Southern AZ Dems was all Bloomberg money.  Bribery, literally.  "Campaign Contributions" is what it was veiled as.  Far from it.

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Speaking of Bribery... Mark Kelly has raised 20 Million Dollars for his campaign against Martha McSally . This Senate seat may be the most expensive in US History. And remember McSally could Not beat Sinema !!!

This guy has the astronaut hero thing and the my wife got shot in the head sympathy vote. Going for him 😵 Bloomberg's hasn't kicked in money yet !

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I think you're both right - and we don't need TWO Dem Senators in this state, no fucking way.  Sinema will stay, I'm sure.  She earned that.  Kelly needs to GTFO.  That complete assclown will only hurt this state. He's a fucking moron, astronaut or not.

Here's how stupid he is:




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