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Pseudo retro proto AR10?


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Was checking out Brownells repro proto AR10, kinda cool, but if you read the reviews, the receiver set has some problems as far as interchangeability. Also some complaints about the charging handle, but I do like the design.

So anyway. Decided to order the barrel and handguard, but use standard DPMS style receivers, with an added A2 carry handle from AP. All my stuff is getting delivered between Monday and Wednesday.

A Boeing 767 crashed in Bucharest yesterday, and guess who got elected to go recover the aircraft? At least I shouldn't have to be there for more than a week or so.

Watch this space for a pseudo repro retro AR10 build, starting next week!

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All together now, waiting for a flash hider.

Aero M5 standard upper, Brownells BCG, barrel, gas tube, slip ring assy, and handguards. Aero carry handle, 80% Arms lower, generic A2 stock, JG spring and buffer, ARS charging handle and pistol grip, DPMS mag. oops, not in pic.

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Got 500 each of FGMM primed brass and 175 gr Sierra's, uniforming and trimming necks now. Have to go back to Romania in a couple weeks, so range report might be awhile.

These things breed like rabbits. Accumulating parts now for a 308 pistol build.

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21 minutes ago, Radioactive said:

I bought a couple of 80% lowers and a jig from ares armor a couple weeks before the atf raided and seized all their records. The feds prob know I have em.

Ha! I screwed all mine up and threw them away!🙄 That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it! Honest officer, I only have this one. After all, who needs more than one?

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Just checked headspace on this bad boy and it's all good. Made an extractor tool from an M118 case that had a cracked neck (time to anneal the rest of that lot!). I mentioned above that this had a 1/2" muzzle thread, WRONG! It looks pretty skinny, but actual measurements shows it is a 5/8. Wish I'd measured before I ordered the flash hider. Have the right one coming now, but it will be a day later than planned.

Found a 12.5" 308 barrel on Granite Ridge, that's coming, but have not ordered a gas block, tube, or handguard yet. Open to suggestions on handguard. Found a Tail Hook brace on Midway, should be here Weds. Already have a carbine spring and Spikes tungsten buffer, also have a folding stock hinge on order. Might get this built before I have to leave again. Need to hit up Brownells for a couple more BCG's.

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