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Almost a dollar a round

Belt Fed

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6 hours ago, Belt Fed said:

Did you ever think you would see these prices on 9mm?  It's insane.



That's crazy. Did a quick check but no one seems to carry that specific round up here but for general comparison 9mm Blazer and American Eagle is running $18-21 Canadian for box of 50( cheaper when you buy 1K at a time). 

  So far there hasn't been a run on ammo yet but it will be scarce next year as the main distributors will now be putting in the yearly/bi yearly order in a scarce market.

 I'll be upping my order of primers big time this weekend, then looking at a regular monthly order of material to build up the inventory. 

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6 hours ago, Thirstydg323 said:

I'm glad I paid attention in 2017-18. 

I vowed after the last shortage to never be caught out again 

Back in 2008 is when I noticed it. That is around the time I decided to get into reloading. You couldn't get primers or casings and powder was scarce and factory ammo was out. 22 shells were non existent as well.

I was working in the south after election day and it just happened to be the day after election and I had off. So I went into town. There was a line all the way out the door people standing in line to purchase semi automatic weapons. Didn't matter what they were whatever was available they bought. After that I stock up every chance I get knowing it comes every election year. Needless to say it took at least a year to get the items needed. No reason the ammo factories couldn't ramp up production long before hand.

We just had our deer season and a lot of people couldn't get ammo. I just smile looking at the empty shelves.

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1 hour ago, Louiswp said:

 No reason the ammo factories couldn't ramp up production long before hand.

They did, if you were watching.  Way back in April.


Ammo Makers Strive to Keep up Production, Respond to Demand

April 2, 2020

Along with a dramatic increase in firearm sales seen coast-to-coast, a run on ammunition has ammo makers cranking up to meet demand.

The climb in ammo sales started slowly this month then spiked in the past week, with Google noting a 1350% jump in internet searches between March 11 and March 17 alone. This came as the mainstream media covered long lines at local gun shops of anxious consumers stocking up on the valuable commodity as part of their coronavirus prepping larder.

With supplies of cartridges running short in most popular calibers both online and in the store, ammo makers have responded to make it clear they are still very much in operation

The linked article spells it all out - what they were already doing...

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Here's the update, to what they've been trying to keep up with...

Bottom line - you cannot blame it on the ammo manufacturers, not even a little. Blame it on all the fukheads that are killing the paper towel and toilet paper business now - except, those same exact shitheads found out that they never had a gun, and needed a gun.  And bought all the guns and ammo that they could find...   just like the TP and paper towels they grabbed up...



^^^  read that one, too.  Spells it all out.

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Isn’t something like 38 million new gun owners this year? So if all of the new owners alone buy only 100 rounds, that’s 3.8 billion rounds just to new hun owners and let’s face it, a lot of them buy 1000 rounds or more. A lot of new reloaded too buying up reloading stuff.

add in all the other gun owners and no wonder. Then throw in the fact that a lot of over seas places are still shut down where we get most of our primers. 

we start up a primer company here in the US and we could make a killing 

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