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Firing Pin Retaining Pin ?


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Haven't seen this discussed here, seems the AR10 and the 308AR BCG take a (larger?) specific firing pin retaining pin. I have seen both the original AR style solid pin with a split on the end used and the newer cotter pin style. Where is the best place to source the cotter pin style FP retainers ? 

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Yes, they do use larger, longer pins, if you're comparing it to the AR15 part.  No way, no how will the AR15 part work in a .308AR. 

Searching online is the best way, just to find some - but everything is backordered right now.  I'm on a waiting list for 4 of the solid pins, just waiting.  Used my last spare a few weeks ago.

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So I ordered some S&W M+P10 retainers and they arrived today, it seems S&W uses the smaller 5.56 FP retainers in their 308 platform?. The original FP retainer's split end sticks out about 3/32 - 1/8  past flush. If I shorten the tip the chamfered nose of the split will be gone. I measured the diameter of the solid pin at .123 so it seems they are 1/8". I forgot to measure the length to see if there is a shorter cotter pin style I can modify to use. 

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2 hours ago, REARSPROCKET said:

Hemi would you know what brand or who the manufacturer is ? Seems there are other pins out there that are the same length as mine.

Sorry, I've had this thing in my spare parts for a couple of years now and I don't remember where I got it. Hell, I wake up in a whole new world every morning, old age will do that to you!

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5 hours ago, REARSPROCKET said:

 I noticed Toolcraft uses the cotter pin style in their 308 carriers so that might be the best way to go. 

I bent one, and so did a buddy.   We're not exactly running factory ammo, either.  That's why I switched everything over to the solid pins.  The cotter pins are spares in the box, in case I break a solid pin, and am waiting for another to come in.


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