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Just ordered a PSA PA10 Gen 3......


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Hey guys, I just stumbled upon this forum trying to find more info about the PSA PA10 Gen3 I just ordered and I really wish I would have found this place sooner..... I'm seeing a lot of talk about the issues with this model and I'm worried that I made a bad decision. I've always wanted a AR platform rifle in .308/7.62 and with the way things are these days, it's been difficult to find much of anything to get going. So when I saw the good reviews on a few sites for the PA10, and saw PSA had complete rifles in stock, I just sort of jumped on it.....

Anyway, I'm wondering if I should either cancel my order and try to find something better, or wait till it shows up and see how she functions and then adjust accordingly. My gunsmithing skills are completely non-existent, that's sort of why I went with a completed rifle.... But if there's a list of things everyone agrees needs to be replaced out of the box (I noticed almost everyone mentions the buffer/spring) I'd be willing to entertain that idea if I can do it with minimal tools and experience. Thanks in advance for whatever advice you might have and thanks for taking a moment to read.

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Your choice. But a few of the forum members have done a lot of work on researching solving PA10 problems. If you have issues, I am betting you can find the solution in this forum’s archives. If it turns out to be a previosly unrecognized issue, solving it will add to the data base on fixing them.

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You'll need to drill the gas port up, for sure.  Everything it takes to fix these guns is right here in the PSA Section.

List all the specs on your gun, when you get the time.  Follow this as a template:


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Alright thanks everyone. As I mentioned, I literally just ordered this a few days ago, I probably have another week or two before it arrives, hence my wondering if I should just save myself the headache and cancel the order while it's still processing.... But I think I'm going to wait and see how it shoots and go from there. Now that I know this place exists I'm sure I'll be able to find answers to whatever problems I may encounter. Thanks again!

14 hours ago, shooterrex said:

If you bought the rifle stock model it will probably run. The carbine stock maybe. The carbine stock can be fixed w/the proper weight buffer and spring. Your gas tube might need swapped out to something just a tad longer.

Pretty sure its carbine stock, that's what is listed in the tech specs. I was planning to get a new stock for it anyway so this wouldn't bother me to replace. How difficult is it to swap gas tubes?

12 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

You'll need to drill the gas port up, for sure.  Everything it takes to fix these guns is right here in the PSA Section.

List all the specs on your gun, when you get the time.  Follow this as a template:


Will do! I'll start noting all of this info once she arrives. The idea of drilling anything on a firearm has me a little uneasy as my gunsmithing skills are pretty non-existent. This would be part of the headache I'd rather avoid by cancelling the order..... but I might just see how it shoots out of the box and go from there. Again the order is still processing, I probably have another week before it even ships.

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"Pretty sure its carbine stock, that's what is listed in the tech specs"

I have three PSA 308-AR's under my belt.  All were converted to A2 stocks before the first round was fired out of them.  I used DPMS spring/buffers in them.  None of mine came with BCG's either, so sourced them out separately but did all that so many years ago can't remember where those came from?  To this day I think by accident those two moves were for the better as all of those guns are FLAWLESS no matter what ammo I put thru them.  My 14.7" "pencil" barrel rifle has never once had a failure of any type, and I've ran quite a few different types of ammo thru it.  I settled on a custom handload using Barnes 175 grain bullets backed by 42 grains of Varget (pretty sure that's the load but it's early and I haven't finished my second cup of coffee yet).  For most groups the first two or  three rounds will be touching at 100 yards and it may "open up" to about 1-1.25" for the next 2-3 rounds.  The last time I shot it before heading out to Colorado Elk hunting I just laid over a big round hay bail and cranked off 6 rounds as fast as I could get back on target at a big piece of cardboard with a black spot on it just over 300 yards away.  I could cover all 6 rounds with my hand so figured that's good enough to get on something as big as an Elk if the jerk behind the trigger did their part.

PSA may have stepped up their game a bit, so the best course of action would be to get some ammo (good luck finding any) and fire some rounds thru it.  This will help "break-in" the parts and give you some idea if it's going to "run" or not?  I'd make sure it is well cleaned and lubed instead of taking it right out of the box and heading to the range.

PSA's, no matter what "gen" seem to have more issues than others but they aren't totally stupid over there.  I had a warranty issue with one of their AR-15 uppers and talked to the tech directly that repaired it.  He was well versed in the AR platform from what I could gather from a short phone conversation and found the issues, made the repairs, tested fired, etc. 

98Z5Z nailed down the issue before I sent it back but I decided not to take a new upper all apart and start working on it since PSA does warranty what they sell.  Turns out they paid shipping both ways and it was back here very quickly, which surprised me do to the volume of sales that company does and I'm sure their warranty department is BURIED in work.

In any case hope it turns out well for you, and you'll find PLENTY of help here if it doesn't........Cliff





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