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Made In The USA


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All but one of my guns are MADE IN THE USA.  Yeah I own a Taurus, I have say it works very well though. I really need to replace it with an American carry pistol though. Just out of principal. I drive a Chevy SUV too.

Your suv wasn't built in Mexico or Canada was it? I've been into jap bike for years, I love the usual harley reply of buy American, just cuz it's assembled here dont mean it was built here ;).

Btw I try my best to buy American made

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I've been into jap bike for years,...

Most of your jap bikes are made - made - right here in the US, unless you're specifically on a competition bike.  ZX-10R, KX-450F, KX-250F (I've got details on this one, right here), RM-Z450, GSX-R1000, etc...  those ones are still made in Japan.  The rest of the fodder from them is made right here...  <munch>

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The stock market pundits who write the missives I read every day say the biggest cause of unemployment in America,  after the loss of housing construction jobs,  is robots.  Robots are not really R2D2 and 3CPIO.  They are the computer-controlled mechanisms that do all that repetitive precision work.  We all love the computer designed and made parts for our rifles,  but the precision and extreme QC,  and low cost on an Upper & Lower receiver comes at the cost of 20 jobs for guys manning lathes and milling machines.  Same deal for the engineers who used to do all that drafting by hand.  Now a computer does the repetitive work and prints out the result in minutes where  six engineer-degree guys used to do one drawing a week.  America still produces the very best high-precision machinery,  and has the GDP to prove it,  but the factories are now full of robots instead of a crowd of semi-skilled and skilled human workers.

Our world is changing (again) and maybe we do not know where it is going?  All we know is that things will be much different.

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Another reason is our own government. Watched a news story bout how the EPA is trying to shut down a paper mill inwausau wi due to pollution after they have spent millions and been awarded numerous awards on their cleanliness. My company does commercial construction and honestly OSHA is going to make this poop so "safe" no one is going to beable to work. Our nanny state is murdering our production

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