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Wish I had $2400!


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I already have a 300BLK whose buffer folds, but the double fold version of the linked to handgun is what really interests me. Yes, in 300BLK, that's why it was posted in this section and I crapped on the same gun in .223. I needed to communicate that better. Mine is dependent on a 14" foreend (by design) so it's a bit long. I wanted a 10" barrel and the can adds another 4". So the double fold 300BLK is very attractive to me. Would I ever need it? I highly doubt it. I doubt that I'll ever need to use the folding buffer on my existing 300BLK. But it's there if I need it.

What I don't have is an adjustable BCG in my 300BLK. That would be new for me and something I didn't want in my build. Why doesn't mine have an adjustable BCG? My concern is that when it's needed most it would somehow fall out of adjustment and not work. I like the KISS principle. That attitude comes from knowing nothing about them. I just see it as something to go wrong at the worst possible moment.

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Not all 300BLK ammo runs in all guns. I read "adjustable BCG" in their text, but it's more an adjustable gas port I think is what they meant*. Or maybe I remember it wrong. I don't have an adjustable port in mine because I make my ammo to work in my gun w/o adjustment, just using standard parts. I wanted to keep mine simple. 

FWIW, I've tried one commercial subsonic load that wouldn't reliably function in my AR. Would it work with an adjustable gas port? IDK. The same brand supersonic ammo works fine, but supersonic is easy.

*Maybe they meant adjustable buffer? They exist.

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39 minutes ago, BrianK said:

I read "adjustable BCG" in their text, but it's more an adjustable gas port I think is what they meant*.

Some companies make BCGs that have adjustable gas keys, on the BCG.  No major disassembly required.  Pull the BCG, adjust, done.

Here's a couple:


Rubber City Armory Adjustable Gas Key | Wing Tactical


SAGRS Adjustable Bolt Carrier Group in DLC



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