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My 13.5" custom battle rifle


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Hey guys,thought i'd share with ya an old build,sorta. I built this gun a few years(4-5yrs) ago but never shared it on the forum even under my other lost screen name/profile. So i might aswell show you what i did and whats in it.

It was a 12.5" CMMG barrel prior for a few years but always had issues until i installed a heavier buffer than the 5.4oz standard. Gas port was larger at .89"-.90" area and it was a mid length gas but just didn't run great. Never ran good suppressed until i used a Superlative arms adjustable gas block. But then,it wouldn't run UNsuppressed. Thats typical sometimes with the 7.62x51/308 stuff only being able to run one or the other but I just knew there was a way to make it work without an AGB. Im not against them I just knew a smaller gas port would make it work better for suppressed and unsuppressed shooting. So i ditched the CMMG barrel and AGB few months ago.

FDE Aero lower/upper with normal parts kit.

Geissele 3.5lb flat trigger

Toolcraft dual ejector BCG

Radian Raptor charging handle

magpul grip and BUIS

Ballistic Advantage 16" midlength barrel cut and threaded to 13.5"/pin and welded by me with a Griffin 2.8" flash hider.

Aero gas block and tube

CMMG 11" MLOK rail cerekoted Patriot Brown(its close to DD Mil-Spec Brown they have but won't sell their paint)

Bravo B5 earth brown stock

Armalite carbine buffer system with Heavy Buffers 8.5oz 3.25" buffer. (screw that shitty 2.5" system)

American Defense FDE 1 piece mount/Vortex Razor 1-6x24

Generic Mlok offset mount with Vortex Razor red dot.

Elander Steel mags cerekoted sniper gray (love these mags!)

Cloud Defense light setup with classic zip ties for lights wire 😉


I now really love this gun. it is a blast to shoot and is a just a head turner. I used to never like FDE colored guns. NEVER.....but since living in Arizona for over 12 years its grown on me for obvious reasons. I still love black guns the most but this guy is a win. It shoots 4-5 o'clock unsuppressed patterns with typical Nato spec ammo. with my SDN-6 its closer to 1-2 o'clock which is ok. No FTE through a few mags so im hoping my pin/weld was worth it. I might put in a heavier Sprinco Spring to help NOT have any issues running suppressed with other ammo. Hope you guys like it and if you have any questions just ask.





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1 hour ago, jtallen83 said:

With the SDN-6? Have I been ignorant of a muzzle device option for my SDN-6s since AAC stopped making 51T's?

I had a tiny end cap strike a while back and I was concerned with all the horror stories about the 51T being bad after so much wear. ECCO Machine is the business that does the conversions and he's done literally hundreds upon hundreds of em. I chose the Griffin mount set up cause I like their muzzle devices and price aswell. 

ECCO Machine does a 1.375x24 ASR thread so you can choose a bunch of industry standard mounts. He coated it Socom flat black for me too;)

The mount can be welded in but I chose to just use rockset on it instead.



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