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EDC pocket dump pics


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I searched around and didn’t see any everyday carry gear threads so I figured I’d start one in this section. Only other forums I’m active on are Esee and an edc community forum I moderate for. Here’s my typical daily load out on person. C8F7D868-D958-4386-96DB-B99FB0991123.thumb.jpeg.1fe5318c7b27a2c8e18197c396955611.jpegabout the only things that ever rotate are the folder and the pistol

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I hate stuff in my pockets so a pocket dump would be useless. Instead I’m doing a Maxpedition Fatboy dump, seen at the top. On the Fatboy is an added black pouch for cell phone that’s not in the picture but normally carried when I’m out and about.

Contents, clockwise starting at upper left, car key, truck key, flood type flashlight, wallet, Gerber clip knife that I use as a money clip, spare eyeglasses, box cutter type knife, CC permit holder flipped over, pen, spare extended mag, S&W 9c (40 rounds total for any zombie invasion), spare 18650 cells, custom spot type flashlight with a reverse clicky, mace. 

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Oh, why is the mag extension painted? It's normally in the side pouch at the end of the eyeglass case so it can be seen while the mag body itself is covered by nylon and hidden. In years past I had 1911 mags in there and plainly visible. While we were shopping I had a friend point to them and state, "I know what they are! But I'll keep quiet.". What if he hadn't? Nothing would have come of it but for him to prove himself an anal sphincter. But I went to 9mm and the double stack OD mag extension pretty much makes the mag invisible and even if seen it doesn't look like a magazine. 

I was "made" one other time, well sort of. When we grocery shop the Fatboy rides in the child seat. Either the wife stays with it or I'm with it. We both have carry permits, but even if we didn't Maine has Constitutional carry. On one of those days a gent pointed to it and stated, "You know that can carry a handgun?", to which I replied, "Yeah, how about that!". The look on his face was priceless. 

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4 hours ago, jtallen83 said:

First aid kit straps to my ankle so technically not from a pocket. I'm twice as wealthy as @blue109, I carry a two cent piece, always at the ready with my 2 cents. :laffs:


I need to put together an ankle fak, I keep one and a tq in my field pack and we have large ones in our airboats/outboards/trucks at work. I’m in and out of hip and chest waders a good bit so ruled it out for work, but off time with the family it may be perfect now that my 3 year old thinks he’s stuntman. I carry too much in my pockets and on belt to add more to either. I like that Iz2 sheath, it reminds me of the one my old Tops MSK had. 

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I love it seeing all the actual user knives and not pristine Hinderers and CRK’s, nothing against those brands at all. I’ve lost too many Benchmades in my 20’s to start spending “gun money” on folders. I’ll still snag a Benchmade on the used market, but I don’t change things around much once I find something that works well for me. I just as rotating between a stock G22, an G22 with the grip cut to G27 dimensions and a G20. I’m now in the mindset that the G20 isn’t that much bulkier than the stock G22 so it now sits as a house gun with an 40-9mm conversion barrel and 26rd mag and I just saw rotate between the chopped G22 and the G20 depending on what I’m doing. 

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