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Things NOT to do in the woods


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While on our hog hunt. Two of our party got turned around in the dark. They didn’t think to drop a pin in a map program as to where they left the ATV.
As luck would have it cell service is pretty good where we were. It would have been a lot longer night with out communications.
I had about a 2 mile walk to where they parked the ATV. Then started it and turned on the lights and made noise so they could get a direction to walk back to the ATV. They were about 400 yds in the opposite direction they thought they were.
At least when they realized they were lost they stopped and sat down and didn’t make things worse.
They will not make fun of me always taking my pack with food, shelter, water,
first aid, compass, and fire making equipment any more.
It’s easy to get turned around when you are in a place you only go once a year.


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Sending some Canadian bacon you way Rex...

US faces new threat from Canadian ‘super pig’ from- https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/incredibly-intelligent-highly-elusive-us-faces-new-threat-from-canadian-super-pig/ar-AA17HnvX?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=5504c983f9a448aa81e6665584698f90

"Brook and others are particularly troubled by the emergence of a “super pig”, created by farmers cross-breeding wild boar and domestic pigs in the 1980s. The result was a larger swine, which produced more meat, and was easier for people to shoot in Canadian hunting reserves.

These pigs escaped captivity and swiftly spread across Canada, with the super pig proving to be an incredibly proficient breeder, Brook said, while its giant size – one pig has been clocked at more than 300kg (661lbs) – makes it able to survive the frigid western Canada winters, where the wind chill can be -50C."


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