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Tubb's "Final Finish" Ammunition


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I've been looking at the Tubb's Final Finish System for awhile, but never got around to trying any of it - basically, it's just a special bullet with some light abrasive ingrained in it, loaded up and ready to fire.  Here's the info on what it's supposed to do:

Like any finely machined equipment, your firearm needs proper breaking in to ensure optimal performance, especially the barrel. This ammunition erases tiny irregularities left behind by the machining process in new guns. One box properly breaks in the barrel in a way it would take several boxes of regular ammo to do.

For bore conditioning only. Not designed for hunting or other shooting applications. Use caution and safety with this product as with any other ammunition product.


Well, I went to the range a few weeks ago and I was beside a guy breaking in a 6.8 SPC with this stuff.  The very first 20 rounds he put out of it was this ammo - he couldn't find it loaded, to he ordered the bullets straight from Tubb and loaded them himself.  At the end of the day, he was shooting 0.5 MOA out of that gun, which is incredibly impressive.  For him, it was the second time he's used this stuff, and he swore by it - after watching him, I'm more inclined to try it now, especially since I'd been wondering about it anyway.

I've got a 16" midlength AR-15 that'll be finished next week, and when I break it in, I'll use this stuff.  If anyone else has any experience with it, let me know how it did for you and your shoot-stick.

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I like the stuff, myself.  After I tried it the first time, I've used it on every new barrel on every build since.  Here was an update:

Update on this one - Took it out last Tuesday (Sep 7th) for the barrel breakin and initial sight zero.  I knew with the 1:8 twist barrel that I'd need some ammo in the 68 grain range, so I'd stocked up months prior.  I had some 69gr Prvi Partizan Match and some Ultramax 68gr Match HPBT ready to go. 

Alright, last week.  Did the zero at 25 yards on the MBUS front/rear, and on the Millet DMS-1.  I put the first 20 rounds through it using the Tubb Final Finish ammo.  Interestingly enough, that stuff is too long to mag load, so I loaded each one by hand, through the ejection port door.  Shoot 5, clean the barrel, just like the back of the box says.  Worked well, and the barrel shoots well, but I can't say what it would have shot like with or without the Final Finish.  I'm happy with the stuff because the barrel IS shooting well - but I can't say how it would have shot without it.  The stuff went through...  <thumbsup>  Did all the zero work with PMC Bronze ammo.

Flash forward to this Tuesday (Sep 14th).  I took it back out and rezeroed for 50 yards, irons and scope.  Used the PMC Bronze again.  You'll see those 3 shot groups circled in red on the target below.  Next up, I loaded 5 rounds of M855 62 grain penetrator.  I figured the way the barrel was handling the 55 grain stuff, the 62 grain penetrators would work pretty well - wrong.  That barrel and that ammo don't work well together.  My hopes were down...  >:(

Next up - hell with it, right?  10 rounds of the PPU 69 grain.  WooHoo!!!  Liked it.  then 10 rounds of the Ultramax 68 grain HPBTs.  Right on!  Last was 10 rounds of the Black Hills Match 77 grain HPBTs.  I kinda thought the 68-range of ammo would be better, but the Black Hills is, well, great stuff.  Target below.


Came from this thread:


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From the theory of the product, it smoothes any imperfections in the barrel grooves (not the lands - can't reach 'em). 

That barrel that was used above was already a match barrel, according to the manufacturer, so it shouldn't have needed anything but a good shootin'.  That was the 16" stainless billet build that Heather was shooting, too.  I'm sure it's a good barrel, but as you know, that gun is stoopid accurate. 

I can't take away from the inherent accuracy of the barrel, from the factory, and I can't really claim that the Tubb FF did wonders to it,...  but I can say the forst 20 rounds through it was the Tubb FF, then I started blasting with it.  <thumbsup>

For older barrels that have wear (which might affect accuracy), this is supposed to "even everything up," and increase the accuracy - even though there was wear.  I haven't gotten to that point on any of my "accurate" barrels yet, but when they start to slip, I'll run this stuff through them again, just to see what happens.  Definitely have some before-and-after-group photos of that one, too. 

Honestly, brother, I can't say it doesn't work, but I can't say it does work, either.  I can say I have one badass accurate barrel now, but I can't trace that directly to the barrel of the Tubb FF in a definite manner. 

In your case, I'd shoot a few 10-rd groups into a target, run the Tubb FF through it, then a few more 10-rd groups afterwards.  Just to see what happens.  That would be a decent test.  If nothing happens to the groups, there's not really anything to go on, besides the fact that your barrel was in great shape in the first place.  If something happens, that's a certain answer.  <thumbsup>

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On the advice a few weeks ago of some REALLY good shooters that work at the same place as the SF guys that won the Sniper Competition this year I decided not to go this route.  Their advice, clean the bore to make sure there is nothing in there and shoot quality ammo through it as no break in is needed.

I'm following their advice.  Just my .02 worth.

PS  Meeting one of them tomorrow and shooting the Larue for the first time.  <thumbsup>

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