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This is just incredible...so I figured I'd tell you guys as you may be seeing it on the news here soon. As some of you probably know, I recently was told that I would be laid off as a result of our company losing it's contract with Duke Energy. After hearing the news, I bought a lottery ticket as a joke with my coworkers about my plan for the future. Well, this weekend the joke was no laughing matter, I won $15,000 and won't have any trouble covering my expenses until I can find work. Heck, I might even build 2 or 3 more ARs in the mean time! Awesome, is it not?

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Aww crap, now I just feel bad. As it turns out, BLKSHEEP is the winner of this year's "Situational Awareness" award... He nailed it! I do appreciate you guys kindness though, the job search is going fairly well, I'll be back to building in no time! I hope everybody had a great April 1st!  <laughs> <munch>

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Guest LLArms

I tend to keep out of the religious talk, but in instances like these I can say that God was looking out for you. This is fantastic news for you and I am glad this will remove a big burden from your shoulders.

On an interesting side note; reports reveal that 9 out of 10 lottery winners (speaking in the millions) go bankrupt in 5 years.  How sad is that?  :o

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Ok this is just getting downright awkward now... So I'm going to be significantly less subtle; It was an April Fools joke! BLKSHEEP was onto me from moment one so I thought I'd see how it would play.

It turns out the joke is on me, a nicer crowd couldn't be found anywhere else.

To recap:

Me = Butthole

You all = Stand up guys

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Well guys, this seems like the appropriate place to post this considering the discussion. By the way, I'm posting this because it's completely true and because y'all are some of the nicest folks I've come across.

My boss called me this morning to ask me if I want to come along for his visit to Duke Energy headquarters tomorrow. I don't know what's on the roster but it must be pretty important, and probably has implications for whether or not we will get another contract. I'm hoping it goes well, there could be a lot of jobs riding on the success or failure of this meeting. I'll keep ya posted!

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