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On may 27 2009 I ordered a 308-bl-18 directly from DPMS. Im getting tired of waiting. Should I cancel and get a barrel now from Fulton Armory? Or should i wait and see how long this drags out?  <laughs>

Call them up and offer a little reminder. I'm sure their competitive side would urge them to send you a barrel rather than a refund.

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I can't believe these guys are still so far behind at this point.  Seems crazy.  When I see things like this, I often wonder if they were just taking orders last year, and because they (every manufacturer) was so slammed - that they've just kinda put that stuff out-of-mind now.  Kinda like they're just ignoring everybody that ordered during "the craze of 2009" or something. 

When I built my .308 up in March, I ordered all the small parts for the upper from DPMS, via a phonecall.  I received the stuff in a week, and the prices were comparable to other vendors - they were just the only place that had every little piece, from one place.  They were good about it, actually.

I just can't believe that these companies are still literally chitting on most of the people that ordered last year - no way should it take that long, IMHO. 

At any rate, you know I'll vote for the Fulton parts, man...  <thumbsup>  That 18.5 NM SS barrel is sweet. 

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I wish DNP lived next door  <lmao>

BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!  <laughs>  If he was closer to you, you'd be shelling out more, trust me.  <lmao>

You should have him describe his remote flash operation...  He sets up timed flashes close to the action, while he's a distance away with a long lens - out of danger of the thundering desert race trucks.  <thumbsup>  That setup is so sweet, man.  Handful of those little badboys all angled different, triggered from the camera.  He brought that out to the dunes in late '08 and we were playing with it.

Just ask him to post pics of a buggy roll-over sequence...  :o ;D

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<munch>  <dontknow>

Like these?




It's an expensive hobby Drew....I still have no idea what I'm doing, I just know what I want to buy and try next.  My current wish-list is geared towards stereoscopy...and the time lapse is right behind it.  Though, I'm kinda wanting to do a little more studio work, so...more lights/modifiers/stands and stuf will come before the other two things I want to do.  The stereoscopy HAS to happen though.  A lot of things have been done in the desert racing arena....I have yet to see 3D offroad images though.

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If you order the Fulton barrel, let us know how you make out with it. I ordered a complete lower from DSA and wanted it with the entry stock instead of the collapsible and they wanted to charge me $50 to put it on. I told them to just ship it and I'll put it on myself, then I'll sell the collapsible and be money ahead anyway. I wonder whats going to happen to some of these companies when things slow down and customers start expecting decent service.

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