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The 10.5” That Hurts..But I love Her


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I’m usually on the Form 1 forum and posted this there. Just copied and pasted for your pleasure 😉 Love this painfully stupid gun. But first sorry I don’t take great in-depth pics of the parts/rifle. It’s so damn handy I’m excited to take it out this weekend and sight in the Aimpoint and BUIS. 

Finally built this beast. Took a long time to give in and do it. Always had it planned but was waiting to find a DD Lite rail for it. Those are badass quad rails that Daniel Defense made years ago and can’t be found. (I love quads) for full build parts listing you can click on the videos description. 

This was a fun build. Not a build I intend to shoot a lot. Will not be a 600yrd gun. might try to bang steel with it that far once or twice. Won’t be a bug out gun. But it will be a gun to have people shoot unsuppressed to see their reaction!!

Recoil isn’t that bad actually. Only changes might be a stock and grip swap. I’m fond of the classics I’m using though. The old Surefire is very dim but I love the look and gray color 

I don’t like AGBs. Never have. It’s one more thing to fail. Regardless of how good they are they can fail. I don’t want to set a gun for suppressed use only and call it good. Never liked adjusting back and forth especially when the block has 25-30 adjustment settings or needed tools(Allen wrench stores in pistol grip but what if lost?)

The Riflespeed AGB I was turned onto kicks ass. 12 settings and easily adjusted on the fly with no tools. Expensive ($200) but was way worth it. Unfortunately 308 DI guns have issues suppressing because of over gassing. I think this gas block saved me and helped me build it with confidence. 

I ended up cutting down a 12.5 BA barrel to 10.5. I guess I could’ve bought a KAK 10.5 and tried it. Ehh..wanted to see if I could do it myself anyways. Some of you might ask why not a 8.6 blkout? Don’t get me started... I have no need for a caliber I can’t find especially one that’s very restrictive on what projectile to use on reloading. Then finally the price. It doesn’t fit my budget anyway. I would 100% rather build a 338 Spectre or 9x39 first for an odd ball caliber. The 7.62x51 is everwhere and if I wanted to shoot 100rds at a time it’s way more economical then 8.6. 









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Posted (edited)

Thanks guys. 
im going to do a fun test this weekend hopefully and post a video. 

for the sbr 308 haters out there(300blkout people…). Im going to use factory 147gr nato ammo over the chronograph. We will compare it to my 16” 300blkout with the same 147gr supersonic ammo but for 300 obviously. 

I want to see the velocity difference and see how much faster the 308 still is. I’m guessing 2300 from 10.5” barrel.  Guessing the blkout won’t make it 2000fps like some of the ammo claims. Maybe it does..we will see soon. 

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