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Rifle Grip for LR-308


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I put the Tapco SAW rifle grip on my DPMS LR308 (Sportical with Oracle upper receiver).

I like the grip as it's larger than the factory grip but there's this unsightly gap between the lip of the grip and the trigger guard.

The other issue is that the grip is hard plastic and I think I'd like something with a rubberized overmold to aid in comfort. The storage feature is a must.

Is there a 'best' grip out there that would meet these qualifications?

I'm interested in your opinions.

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I have a CAA grip on both my LR-308 and my M-15.  Would not have anything else.  3 inserts for the front,  3 inserts for the back,  configure it to your preference.  Internal storage.  Buy at Brownells.

There is a picture in this forum somewhere showing my LR-308 with that CAA grip.  Or,  go to our sibling forum,  Tactical22.net:  'General,'  'Plunging In,'  scroll down to the picture of my M-15.  Click on the pic to make it really big if you want.  Read my blurb to see what I said about the CAA grip.

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When I put the CAA grip on my LR-308 originally,  I struggled with that spring.  This is apparently a problem with almost any grip on an AR308.  The M-15 only has one spring to deal with.

Find where the rear spring touches the top of the grip.  It is an easy measurement.  Drill a hole 3/32 inch diameter and 3/32 inch deep.  This will give the spring a seat and reassembly will be easy.

Everybody seems to be concerned that the extra space will cause the spring to not have enough tension.  That is so much ___________.  The spring is already almost twice as long as it needs to be.  Just drill out the spring seat.  When I did mine,  the drill (of course;  what else?) dove right in about a half-inch.  I looked around,  found a fast-food soda straw in the trash,  cut off the right length,  slit the little tube lengthwise and rolled it up and pushed it into the hole to fill the excess space.  Black polymer grip with the high-tech red spring seat (the grip comes with a seat for the front spring) and easy to put the grip into position.

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The Magpul MOE+ (plus)


I've installed the Magpul MIAD, the Tango Down BG-16, the Ergo SUREGRIP and the Troy Battle Axe on several of my builds... I will be ONLY using the Magpul MOE+ from now on. Amazing feel and comfort. Why did Magpul wait so long to release this?

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All right, on your recommendations I'm putting the Magpul MOE+ at the top of my list.

What about fit between the beavertail and the receiver? Any pictures to look at?

I don't like the fact that the storage compartment is dependent on an insert but I guess beggars can't be choosers. I usually just keep batteries for my Eotech in there. The spare ammo core is for .223 ammo and I don't know if a 308 firing pin would fit in the firing pin core, so I guess I'm somewhat limited there.

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And now that I've almost made up my mind, I see that the BCM Gunfighter grip is out now. Anyone use that one yet? It almost seems like a MOE but with a less aggressive, more pistol like angle. It comes with a choice of front inserts that address my original issue with the Tapco SAW grip. It's not rubberized however.

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