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carbon wrapped barrels


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Don't know if this is the right area to ask this question, but I was wondering if anyone could give any first hand information on the carbon wrapped barrels. I see ABS and Christensen listed as two manufacturers. I see that they claim to give match grade accuracy and extended barrel life , not to mention shaving pounds off the front of the gun. I was wondering if anyone is aware of any negetive aspects of these barrels aside from the extremely high price?

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Once I find the mag, I'll search on the article title and see if it's online anywhere.  I'll find that today.  It's a great article on the barrels, and basically says there's two types of carbon wrap - the old way (years ago, first technology) and the new way.  The old way wasn't very effective due to the type of carbon fiber used, and it heated up the barrel, didn't last long, cracked, etc.  The new way uses more heat resistant, advanced carbon fiber material and design, and is quite effective.  <thumbsup>

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For the life of me, I cannot find an online reference for this anywhere - hell, I can't even find an online pic of the current magazine cover...  >:(

It's the Guns & Ammo annual pub, Book Of The AR-15, **display until August 24, 2010** for the retailers - it should be out there at news stands and retailers now.  Black cover, "AR-15" title in silver, highlighted type in small orange print.

The title of the article is "The Truth About Carbon Barrels."    It's a 5-page article with 4 full pages of text, starting on pg 104.  Main story section headers are "Why Carbon?"; "Why ABS?"; "A Solid Foundation"; "The Carbon Carbine"; "Putting It To The Test"; and "The Bottom Line." 

Very informative article, and worth the $8.99 news stand buying price just for the carbon barrel info provided.  <thumbsup>

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I fully intend to put a Rock Creek/ABS barrel on a JD build I have planned. I'm going with the 18" barrel and a rifle length gas tube. ABS threads the front of the barrel and caps it with a flush steel thread protector. I doubt I'll put a flash hider on it. I like the clean look of an exposed barrel. Be prepared, an ABS barrel is about $900.

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I gotta get to the mag stand and pick up a copy of that magazine before it's gone.

Someone should give Mike, at Advanced Barrel Systems, a heads up about this forum. He seems like a pretty stand-up guy who likes to educate about his product. He used to be VERY active on various forums, but I can only seem to find his entries in forum archives. I think he's a member on thehighroad.org and 24hourcampfire.com

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Barrel is a Rock creek blank that was chambered,finished and wrapped by Advanced Barrel systems. The Titanium comp is also their design, barrel is 18" and weighs the same as my fluted 14.5" Noveske 7.62 barrel. It looks gorgeous and once the weather breaks and our range isn't snow bound I hope to finally get to try it out. It may take a while but once I've shot it I'll post my impressions.

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