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It's all about training - you'd hate to hear about a group of GIs in Afghaniland that had a woman walk up, asking for help, only to find out that she ambushed them and killed them all when she whipped out an AK from under her burkha...

Know your threat, and keep emotions out of it.

Looks like DHS is preparing for it. 

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However there was nothing quite as distracting as a Ned Flanders mustache.

<laughs> <lmao>  I had an old First Sergeant that I called Ned Flanders, BECAUSE of his moustache...  ;D  Never to his face, though...  :-[

Interestingly enough, in those target pics above...  there wer only TWO innocent.  The rest were threats. 

The baby in the pregnant woman's belly - that's one non-threat there.  What a fucked up situation...  :o  The miniature girl on the playground, with the older sister, gun-wielding psycho... 

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I bet there would be some Very Pissed Off people if someone printed a bunch of posters with DHS soldiers with a target on the head. How about a tag line thats says , " Torso shots dont count, body armor stops your shots !"

The other poster would be a UN soldier dressed in blue , busting thur your front door.

We need to be prepared !

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