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WTS: DPMS LR-308 complete bolt carrier assembly


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You're supposed to be bending people over for parts.

I guess I could, but I've had this bolt in my safe for a couple of years now.  Instead of collecting dust, maybe it would be better if someone who needs it gets ahold of it.

Did I mention that it is brand new, and never inserted into a rifle?  If I forgot to mention it, this is an UNUSED bolt carrier assembly.


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Don't worry guys, I'm used to it.

I am not a salesman, it's definately NOT in my genes.

If I bought the most wanted thing in the world, overnight nobody else would want it and would start telling me to PAY them to take it away.

It's been that way all of my life.

I put some items up for sale at the local gun shop (pricing things the same way I did with the BCG) and I have to wait a few weeks until someone calls me and asks me to be more reasonable on the cost! 

Even now, during this craziness. 

And yet, that same guy will go to a show and buy an inferior product for twice what I'm asking.

I tell them that I don't have to sell the item, it can sit in my safe for a few years more.

I've given up trying to understand.  I just roll with it now.

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