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What would you do I you hd these mags laying around?


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This is my first topic here. Ok, I have a Keltec RFB that I'm going to be putting on GB today. After that goes I'm left with 12 Isreali FAL mags. I'm selling the rfb because I want to build or buy something different in 308. At this stage I haven't made a decision on which way to proceed. I'm stuck between AR in. 308 or a FAL. I'd like to build it myself but I would buy I find the right deal. I'm having a real hard time narrowing it down. I really hope the members here can help me through this decision because it's occupied way to much time and space in my head. So here are othe variables.

1. After the rfb goes I have 12 Fal mags. I think I want to stay with them, pmags have gotten outrageous.

2. If I build a Fal I want to do 18" paratrooper.

3. If I build an AR I guess it would have to be a RRA

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Darn phone won't scroll.

3.1! I say the rra because of the mags, how well is interchangeability with other ar 308?.

4. Weight is an issue.

5. I'd like to stay under $2000.

6. Accuracy is an issue.

7. I do like the cmmg mk3 for weight, but I keep reading about problems. I also like the Sig 716 because I'd like to go suppressed someday.

8. I am open to any suggestions, because, well.... I can't make up my mind!

What would you do? The panic buying really screwed everything up. 6 months ago I could have built an AR and a Fal, but those days seem long gone. Mags are an issue. I like to keep 10+ around.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'd say find a friend who is law enforcement or military, or lives in Colorado to order magpul 308s, sell the FAL mags on GB, and build a dpms based 308 instead. Staying under $2000 is going to take some really tight cautious purchasing and some time. With RRA, there are a few parts that are not compatible with the mass of DPMS based stuff out there, which isn't an all bad thing in and of itself, but honestly my gut feeling is that for a RRA i'd rather buy the full rifle from them than build one from parts.

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I don't believe the magazine craze will be permanant, either.  I wouldn't let this stop you from considering an DPMS setup.  They definately are less expensive than a RRA, for a base line build.

Last time I checked, CDNN had metal C Products .308 magazines.  That was a few days ago, unfortunately, I can't vouch for this week.

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I don't believe the magazine craze will be permanant, either.

Local gun show this weekend had probably 50 AR-15 30 round mags for sale between two vendors for $20 a pop. Most even had the Magpul anti-tilt followers in them! Wasn't much of a rush of buyers either. Seems like things might be settling down in this area anyway.

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