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Is Armalite AR10 Lower legal in California?


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Hello All,


Im new to this forum and had a question. Does anyone know if I can legally own an Armalite AR10 lower in California?


I have a Armalite complete upper but not sure If I can legally own an Armalite AR10 lower in my state. I also dont know what other lowers will fit it. Any suggestions are appreciated.




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I believe Armalite did license a lower for California. I forget if it was made by TM or AeroPrecision, or someone else. They were selling them on their site as "CA legal AR-10's"

They were legal since they were made and labeled by an outside company. Although they were built with Armalite parts and Armalite QC.

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Америка не может быть победить его можно только с внутренней стороны

Nope, not legal. Banned by name.

Here's some good info for ya:


Holy Shite!! That is unfking believable! :o > thefinger.gif That!! Edited by BLKSHEEP
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My wife has a damn good job in CA and we got into a pissing contest here a while back about buying house out here (we're both from Kansas).  I told her I didn't want to buy a house out here or live out here after I retired due to their dumb ass gun laws.  That flew over like a fart in church...


Calguns has a lot of good info in regards to gun laws, etc for CA. 

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I don't know why Armalite doesn't make the exact same receiver and stamp it "ARC-10"  (Armalite Rifle California) just for California. It seams a stamping jig and listing costs would be a very tiny price for the market they would open up. Maybe someone from Armalite should come take a look at some of our AR specific stores and see how mad they are.

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