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just received my NiB 308 BCG from Harris Tactical


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  • 3 weeks later...

Range report? Thinking of getting one myself - how's the quality? Seems like there are no tooling marks in the photos... staking seems good, but cannot see if it actually contacts the screw heads. Forgive me for asking, but anyone know anything or have dealings with Harris Tactical? The specs on the BCG look impeccable, are they a name to be trusted? I'm thinking of getting a new .308 BCG...

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it shot fine, a little bit of extractor mark scratches on the base of the shells but nothing too heavy. the fireclean lube they mention there with it does work really well too. Only negative thing I had was that I couldn't (and 100 rounds later still can't) slowly walk the bolt back to lock forwards. For it to lock forwards, I've got to hit the bolt release and let it slam forwards. Not a problem or big deal really and I'm assuming its just that its all tight tolerances on it being new. No scratches or scrapes on the BCG itself after firing.


Going to take it out this weekend and probably put another 100-200 rounds through it

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Thanks for the info...  just had a nice exchange of emails with HT so what the hell...  it's only money, right? ::)  Placed an order. I'm not worried about locking into battery issue... I've always used the bolt release, and was told to in an Armorers course and on a 3 day, 1000rnd course.


Hopefully the purchase doesn't come back to bite me in the arse! But, seems good to go after talking with them. But do continue the range reports!

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  • 1 month later...

They are not designed to lock by walking it home. Pull the charging handle back and let it fly like the final seconds of a good porno

That made me think of my buddy that lost a monster buck 20+ years ago. He was using a Remington 7400, when he got in his deer stand he eased his bolt home & loaded the mag . A few minutes later Bullwinkle appears & CLICK <lmao> 

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