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Tags 2013


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What is everyone putting in for and location?

Put in for bull elk up here for the Missouri river breaks witch I did not get. put in today for bighorn sheep(missouri river breaks)moose( wesetern MT) and bison(Gardiner,Mt). Which are all very hard to draw. Then by June first I got to put in for a cow elk tag(the breaks as well.

Good luck to all!!!

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The usual.


1 General Deer (I use this for Muleys)

1 Any Whitetail tag

1 Speed Goat tag (My father also put in, so he will be flying out to hunt with the boys and I)

1 General Elk

1 Reduced Cow/Calf for Area 10 (I don't live near the Snowy Range, but my friends do, and we do elk camp two weeks a year there out of tradition).


I may buy a turkey tag soon, and as usual, preference points for moose and sheep.

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Ill be up to draw a 2014 wi bear tag this dec but I'm going to wait till 2015. Even years dog hunters get the first season baiters get the 2nd and it makes hunting tough after they've been run by dogs for a few weeks.

Magwa salmon river, is that near salmon Idaho? My dads been out near there twice for bow elk hunts

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Tags? <dontknow> We don't need no stinking tags :banana:  Sorry guys just had to rub it in :)) Whitetails are really the only big game we have down here to hunt. In MS I can kill 3 bucks & 5 does per season, way more than I can eat. Our deer season is 4 months long :o  

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In CO I bought hunting rights to a ranch. No guides though. In ID it was public land.

I'm interested in a meat hunt. I'll likely just hunt piggies around here. I'd love to shoot some of those "venison carts" they have in the south. I hear the Doe's out in the flat lands are some of the best eatin'!

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Robo ill set ya up if ya come up to NE MT

Also in MT We can shoot 5 wolves this year so ill be buying a couple of those tags as well


Wolves... Can outta-towners get in on this? That might be worth a trip in the future.


Unfortunately, with the birth of my new son, I don't see hunting season happening this year. Just too much stuff going on around the house to get away for a few days.

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here in Idaho you can buy what is called a sportsman package for 115.00 you get deer, elk,bear,wolf, mountain lion,and turkey tags plus your hunting and fishing lic. plus salmon and steelhead cards and upland game permit for birds the only thing you have to buy is a duck stamp everything else is covered including archery and muzzle loader permits. not a bad deal I have bought one for the last 25 years....


 PS. we also get 5 wolves for hunting and five for trapping....

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