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I drove a "test" bike when these were first getting released. Lots of torque, one gear, but super short battery life. I pegged out at about 55mph and was done. After about 2 miles at max speed, I had nearly drained the battery.


I suggested buying the bike, after a few years. The technology just wasn't there yet. Good idea, poorly applied.

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I test rode the Zero bikes, too, at the last dealership.  They brought them down to try to get us as a dealer.  I rode that exact bike in that link, but the thing was red and white.  Wouldn't wheelie.  Was not impressed.  Got up to speed quick, but top speed was not impressive.  Pass. 



SF will not pick this up.  By the way. 

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Ever seen the video of the guy demo'n the electric drag bike? Ill find it later if no one does first. Guy goes out side this expo center to show it off pretty sure he was a pencil pusher not a rider, it doesn't go we'll for him

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I always cringe when I see a squid especially when they have a girl on the back wearing tank top & shorts. When I bought my bike I made myself a promise that I would never ride without a helmet, jacket, and atleast a pair of jeans. That's not an easy promise to keep when you're riding in 100+ degree temps w/ 80%+ humidity, but I'd rather be safe than a curbside steak.

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Boots,gloves and jeans min. no matter what the temp.Squid.....first I heard.

Its a term mostly used in the sport bike crowd.

I always wear a helmet, my life's been saved twice by one. 90% of the time I also wear a leather coat and always wear jeans.

I went down at 30 with a tshirts and jeans on ended up with road rash from my wrist to my arm pit and into my arm pit. Had I had my coat on I woulda has a quarter sized burn on my knee. Real kick to the balls was I sent my coat off the day before to get the zipper fixed

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I have summer and a leather jacket, always wear something! My summer jacket is a Joe Rocket, and its mesh, nice and cool, while offering enough protection for one time. My leathers are Vanson, and are tough! Always have riding boots and gauntlet gloves. Not always the coolest on a steamy day, but I am safe as hell.

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