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Xmas fail


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So we got our you cut tree last weekend and it was a grand ol tree heavy somamabitch I might add got it all set up looking great lights are my thing BAM!! Done. Friday night after work I came home to a toothpick (6days later) if you looked at it wrong the needles fell off I'm talking fart and it would change the air pressure in the room fall off!!! Come to find out half of Wa. trees have some sort of disease my luck ;( I spent at least an hour vacuuming up needles. Fine whatever haul it out now I gotta get a tree it's Xmas right?! GF says we're done go get a fake!! After a battle I win head to local grocery store... They want $50 bucks for half the tree I just destroyed. I stuffed my disgust in my wallet and paid for the tree. Xmas was back in full swing tree reset although a meager comparison to the previous gem.

All is good crisis avoided... That was sat. Sunday ten minutes before Hawks debockle I chk the tree for water. Holy crap it's bone dry man I better get some water I can't afford another bank roll for a tree!! Load it up to the top game starts I'm screaming at the tv and look over at the tree.. I look at my dogs because there was a huge puddle under the tree!! Fook me no wonder there was no water the bucket had cracked while inserting replacement tree!!! Now I'm loosing it missing the HAWKS and this. Well it was a fail tree saved by new bucket!! :)post-12857-0-14501800-1386641460_thumb.j

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Here's my Christmas fail...

My wife has been begging me for a rifle for a year. Slowing I've been piecing together the lightest, baddest, rifle possible. I've got about $2k invested... and she has no clue it's coming.

Then she says... "I need new snow equipment" and proceeds to show me a $700 jacket/pants setup she has picked out. Being the good husband I am, I shelve the rifle and buy the jacket and pants she wants. In fact, I bought them that same week, just so I could guarantee shipping before Christmas.

Meanwhile... I had already promised to buy a new sofa set. Almost $4k later, she walks out of Macys with a new sofa and loveseat.

Wait for it...... This is the best part.

This is when she tells me that we spent so much on the couches, that we should make that our Christmas gift to each other this year...


So now I'm wrapping all her gifts, knowing full well that MY gift is a damned couch and love seat... that I really didn't want in the first place.

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Gotta love the holidays. <lmao>  <laughs> Putting on sheetmetal convector covers on radiant baseboard heat.In a room by myself,on my knees with kneepads and they are fukin killin me.So I had a material cart I figured I would sit on and scoot my ass around.Dumbass that I am I sit on the front flipping up the cart catapulting the handle {that comes off} in the air and into my fukin head.Glad no one was around,I need the Santa hat to cover my fukin conehead.

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so far my only fail is $ wise, until/unless I get a Christmas bonus I don't have anything to spend on the kids, and they are a rotten bunch of spoiled brats from prior years. They'll survive. Worst comes to worse, i'll just get them Bush Gardens annual passes, that Bush will let you pay $13 a month on each

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Haha nice^^^ mine stays in the truck!! Well found the GF prezy put it between two stacked patio chairs in the garage that's a good one boys your welcome to it unless said better half (Tom your busted) reads this thread :)

Work fail that's a different story.. Fell off ladders two times one 8 foot landed like a cat .. Next was about 20 foot landed on concrete an my back and shoulder f-ed me up good melon had one of those bumps no more Saturday work by myself anymore!!

My most personal best fail at work was up a ladder cranking down threw bolts on a glulamb beam with two wrenches fing wrench slips off the nut and hits me right in the lips!! Now I good and fired up to really push pull hard ... Boom right in the lips blood and all I guess the crew had to laugh the second time!!!

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